• China raps Japan for Shinzo Abe's wife's Yasukuni Shrine visit
  • Two-year-old rescued from well after 20 hours
  • China's oldest panda celebrates 35th birthday
  • Gaming show to fine models who reveal too much flesh
  • US charges 6 Chinese nationals with stealing trade secrets


China, India likely to be biggest shareholders in AIIB
China, India likely to be biggest shareholders in AIIB
China is likely to hold a 25-30 percent stake in the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) while India will be the second-biggest shareholder, delegates said on Friday after a three-day meeting of the bank's founding member-nations.

Multinational Watch

IBM to share technologies in China amid regulatory pressure
IBM to share technologies in China amid regulatory pressure
US technology giant International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) has bended to China's increasingly xenophobic technology policy with a makeshift strategy that allows the Big Blue to open technology licensing to local firms in exchange of more opportunities to continue to grow its business amid the…

Can Apple Watch assure Apple of great success in China?
Can Apple Watch assure Apple of great success in China?
China has once again joined the ranks of countries chosen by Apple Inc. for the launch of a new product, a sign that the US tech giant is attaching more importance to the lucrative market amid its latest effort to grow the emerging wearable device sector.

Expat's Beijing Guide

Expat's Beijing Guide  北京向导
Five special events for Valentine’s Day
Five special events for Valentine’s Day
As a culturally vibrant city, Beijing never misses a chance to organize innovative activities to mark festivals and special days, especially if it happens to be a popular international event.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museums in China
Madame Tussauds Wax Museums in China
The Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, renowned for its numerous lifelike wax figures of the world’s famous stars and celebrities, has been in spotlight recently after the waxwork of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, arrived in Beijing on January 28.

A taste of tradition: time-honored restaurants in Beijing
A taste of tradition: time-honored restaurants in Beijing
If you are a globetrotter just setting foot in Beijing and looking to enjoy the flavor of the real local cuisine in a traditional setting, you need to know where exactly to go in this vast metropolis littered with thousands of eateries. To make life easier and save some time, we have selected some…

Web Guide

Laowai in China

Colin Friedman’s ‘netbonding’ in Beijing
Colin Friedman’s ‘netbonding’ in Beijing
China began to cooperate with Israel on agriculture in 1990s. It brought in not only revolutionary pilot projects but also an irrigation engineer who became r…

A French woman’s passion to portray Beijing style
A French woman’s passion to portray Beijing style
Girls in the West are always worried about what other people think (about what they look like). On the contrary, Chinese girls don’t care if they look stupid…

Through the lens of children: an interview with Pia MacRae
Through the lens of children: an interview with Pia MacRae
Just as her causal and sporty look suggested, Pia was easy to talk to. Unlike many people in a leader’s position who either automatically put themselves on a…

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My Chinese Dream

My Chinese Dream ——中国梦
A reporter’s endless pursuit of truth
A reporter’s endless pursuit of truth
Since the May 1998 riots in Indonesia, she has been covering international news, and traveling alone all around the world, often in the most troubled regions …

Fan Popo - a post-80s LGBT moviemaker
Fan Popo - a post-80s LGBT moviemaker
While being a gay was a secret in the middle school, coming out in the college was not that hard. It was in 2004 when Fan Popo told his roommates that he was …

A singing duo’s subway dream
A singing duo’s subway dream
Not many people would think of the Beijing subway as a romantic place. But you might think differently if you take subway Line 5 during off-peak hours. Becaus…


China rebukes US for 'risky' naval standoffChina rebukes US for 'risky' naval standoff
China has warned the US against "provocative actions" following a tense encounter with an American surveillance aircraft over the contested South China Sea.

Taoist teaches US official one or two things about feng shui
One of the golden rules in life is to stay quiet if you are not sure of something, especially in front of experts. Here's a case in point.

Xiaomi enters US market with online accessories sale, but smartphones nowhere in sight
China's largest smartphone maker has made its first foray into the world's second largest market for smart devices with the launch of an online store targeted at Western consumers.

China Press Outlook

China-US relationship adopting a 'new model'China-US relationship adopting a 'new model'
The summit between Chinese President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Barack Obama, which was held at the Zhongnanhai leadership compound in central Beijing on Tuesday, was highly-anticipated, as the

Health Matters

practical tips from Passion Medical doctors

Causes and symptoms of Tuberculosis
Do you know why a chest X-ray is done in our annual health check? Some people might think we are screening for lung cancer because of the pollution. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a tool to scre…

Beware of blood pressure
In Beijing, one in every five people suffer from hypertension (medical term for high blood pressure), which means at least 4 million patients with hypertension who need long-term care during their l…

Life & Culture

China, heir to Mozart?China, heir to Mozart?
Is China the future of Western classical music? In the eyes of Jiang Tao, a veteran figure in the development of China's pop music industry for nearly two decades, the answer is yes.

When less is more
China's status as the world's second-largest film market and Chinese cinema's increasing diversity aren't satisfying local critics, who, while applauding their favorite films of last year, say the q…

China's museums increase rapidly
China has opened an average of 200 new museums per year over the past decade, said senior cultural heritage officials on Monday.

TV Host resigns from university following freeloading allegations
He Jiong, a teacher with Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) and a renowned entertainment show host, got entangled in a storm of controversy after Qiao Mu, one of his BFSU colleagues, accused …

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