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Glamorous scenery of Tibet in four seasons

Visitors have long regarded Tibet as one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. The warm sunshine casting on the Potala Palace in winter, the unique beauty of Nyingchi in spring, the pristine Lingka Woods Festival in Xigaza in summer and the spacious Ngari in autumn make them fall in love with Tibet, a place that is very close to the heaven.


We will show you some pictures depicting the glamorous scenery of Tibet in four seasons as follows.


Key words of spring: Peach blossoms and traditional festival


Blessed with mild climate and fertile land, Nyingchi is called "Tibet's Jiangnan", an area situated to the south of the Yangtze River, full of beautiful landscapes and rich natural resources.


Peach blossoms are blooming when winter snow still stays, making a fascinating picture rarely seen anywhere else.


Various traditional festivals are held in Nyingchi every year, such as the Nyingchi Matsutake Festival, attracting tourists to flee from the busy city life and embracing the idyllic natural and pristine cultural atmosphere.


Tibet in spring Photo:

Tibet in spring Photo: China Tibet Online

Tibet greets spring Photo: China Tibet Online


Key words of summer: Bustling carnival


Summer is boisterous and vibrant in Nyingchi. It lasts from May to October. The summer season is seen as the most popular time for sightseeing among the four seasons.


Unlike the suffocating and hot summer in southern China, the sky in Tibet is clear and blue, and the air is pleasantly cool and refreshing. And oxygen layer in summer is two times thicker than that in winter, offering tourists a comparatively favorable environment for travel.


The night in summer is very cool and refreshing; hence many tourists choose to spend the night in Tibet, either at the bank of the holy Namtso Lake or in a park, to experience the dawn, dusk and the starry night.


In other areas such as Nagchu Prefecture in northern Tibet and Dangxiong County of Lhasa City, activities such as horse racing, yak racing and horseback performances present visual feasts for tourists.

Tibet in summer Photo:

Tibet in summer Photo:

The holy Namtso Lake, meaning the "Heavenly Lake", is located in Dangxiong County of Lhasa City. Photo: China Tibet Online

The Namtso Lake before rain Photo: China Tibet Online

Summer boasts numerous festivals, with the Shoton Festival being the most famous. The Shoton Festival, which literally means the "yogurt banquet festival," is one of the most important festivals for Tibetans. During the festival, activities such as Buddha painting unfolding ceremony and the Tibetan opera performances are held. Photo: China Tibet Online

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