US President Trump nominated for 2019 Nobel Peace Prize

Photo: CNN

Two Norwegian lawmakers have nominated US President Donald Trump for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize after the Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“Trump had taken a huge and important step in the direction of the disarmament, peace and reconciliation between North and South Korea,” Christian Tybring-Gjedde and Per-Willy Amundsen, lawmakers with the populist Progress Party, told Norwegian news agency NTB on Wednesday.

They called Trump’s steps toward North Korea “historic,” with the potential “to ensure world peace in the future.”

A group of US lawmakers also are backing Trump’s nomination for the top prize.

‘New US-DPRK relations’

Trump and Kim signed a joint agreement on Tuesday pledging to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

The pair also committed to establish “new US-DPRK relations.”

“The United States and the DPRK commit to establish new US-DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the people of the two countries for peace and prosperity,” said the document.

The summit is deemed by the White House and North Korea as “an epochal event of great significance in overcoming decades of tensions and hostilities between the two countries and for the opening up of a new future” despite criticism that the declaration falls short on new commitments from Pyongyang.

Military drills halted

The Trump administration is expected to announce the formal suspension of planning for major August multilateral military drills on the Korean Peninsula as early as Thursday, according to several administration officials with knowledge of White House, State Department and Defense Department planning on how to carry out Trump’s decision announced at the Singapore summit.

Trump claimed that “there is no longer a nuclear threat” from North Korea after returning to Washington from Singapore.

He also said that his meeting with Kim was an “interesting and very positive experience” and that “North Korea has great potential for the future,” adding that North Korea is “no longer” the US’ “biggest and most dangerous problem,” telling Americans and the rest of the world they can “sleep well tonight!”

Trump also defended his decision to halt the joint military exercises with South Korea, which he called “war games” - a term used by Pyongyang - arguing on Twitter that the US will “save a fortune.”

Nobel Peace Prize

The process of considering candidates and awarding the Nobel Peace Prize is done in Norway. Nominations must be sent to the Norwegian Nobel Committee before February 1. The committee doesn’t publicly comment on who was nominated, as the information is required to be kept secret for 50 years.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in last month gave credit to Trump for reportedly helping end the standoff with North Korea, noting that he should be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

Four US presidents have so far won the Nobel Peace Prize: Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter and most recently, Barack Obama in 2009.

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