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2017 Persons of the Year #China Newsweek#
In the 834th issue, China Newsweek, a nationally distributed weekly, ran a cover story on persons of the year.
Entertainer of the Year 
Wang Junkai (Karry), 18, Chinese boy band TFBoys' oldest member
Wang has been granted the title of Pioneer of Youth Action by the United Nations Environment, International Fund for Animal Welfare and The Nature Conservancy for his contributions to protect wild animals. 
He has paid attention to social affairs and used his influence to arouse his fans’ attention in promoting the positive, warm and upward energy in the society.
Wang said at the awarding ceremony that “I have the sense of accomplishment and security when I reflected my past, I hope I will have the same feeling 10 years later, and I will bring more products and music for the public.”
Educational Figure of the Year
Jack Ma, 53, chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba
Ma used to be a teacher, and he then made extraordinary achievements in the business field. In recent years, the Jack Ma Foundation has pushed ahead the rural education development, and the foundation unveiled initiatives for rural teachers, rural school principals and rural normal school students, which has won a wide range of praise from society.
Jack Ma Rural Pre-Service Teacher Initiative, which aims to draw graduates from normal universities to countryside schools on a five-year program.
Economic Figure of the Year
Yao Jinbo, 41, CEO of Chinese online classifieds service 58.com
Yao comes from a normal family, and grew into a billionaire, operating the country’s largest living service platform.
Facing a complex competitive environment or wrestling with competitors fiercely in a decade, Yao kept a clam attitude all the time and remained a heart to start a business.
Upholding the values of “customers first”, high efficiency and innovation, Yao leads his company toward a living service empire.
In 1999, Yao set up the country’s first domain trading website yiyu.com, and later he sold it for hundreds of thousand of yuan, which brought him the first bucket of gold in life.
In 2001, Yao co-founded the education company Xueda.com offering services to students in primary and middle schools. The company was listed in New York Stock Exchange in 2010, and China’s A-share market in 2015.
In 2005, Yao set up the classifieds service website 58.com that was listed in New York Stock Exchange in 2013. 
Industry Leader of the Year
Huang Wei, CEO of Zhuanzhuan, a platform for sharing second-hand items
Graduating from Tsinghua University, Huang worked for Baidu Inc from 2007 to 2012. In 2008, he arranged a team to develop Baidu map.
In 2013, Huang Joined in the Chinese online classifieds service 58.com, and in Nov 2015, he became the CEO of Zhuanzhuan, an app shouldering 58.com’s service on second-hand items.
In two years, Huang has led Zhuanzhuan to be the leader in the second-hand items trading market, setting standards for the industry. 
The trading volume of Zhuanzhuan has reached 21 billion yuan on Nov 12, 2017, when it celebrated its second anniversary.
Industry Leader of the Year
Fan Xiaoxin, 44, chairman and president of 3Golden Beijing Technologies Co Ltd
3Golden has long been committed to providing diversified credit information services to clients in China by using big data technologies.
3Golden has established partnerships with leading financial institutions and strives to help financial institutions enhance their risk management ability.
CEO of the Year
Alfred Chan Wing-kin, managing director of the Hong Kong and China Gas Co Ltd and chairman of Towngas China Co Ltd
Chan has been with the company for a quarter of a century. He joined Towngas in 1992 and was put in charge of marketing and customer services as the company expanded.
He rose through the ranks to become general manager for marketing and customer services by the time China resumed exercising sovereignty over Hong Kong in 1997.
Chan oversaw the company’s thrust into the Chinese mainland by launching a number of city piped gas joint ventures and developing energy infrastructure projects.
Entrepreneur of the Year
Ye Jianming, 40, chairman of Chinese conglomerate CEFC China Energy Company Ltd
In 2002, Ye set up the CEFC China Energy, a privately owned Chinese energy and financial services provider, and led the company to become one of the world’s top 500 companies.
The Shanghai-based oil firm became China’s largest private energy company, obtaining overseas oil resources and serving the country’s energy strategy.
On Sept 8, CEFC China Energy acquired a 14.16 percent stake in Russia's top oil producer Rosneft for $9.1 billion from a consortium of Glencore and the Qatar Investment Authority, becoming the third-largest stake-holder of Rosneft.
The company is keen to create partnerships with more energy companies in the Belt and Road countries to expand its footprint in the upstream and downstream oil and gas sectors.
Scholar of the Year
Li Junru, 70, former vice-president of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee
Li has been a producer and advisor of many important documents of the country. He has also been devoted to explaining the core of these subjects to the public.
He has deep understanding of the political development law and the country’s situation, and he combined them together to form his own unique ideological system.
Li retired after the third plenary meeting of the 18th CPC Central Committee in 2013, and then put more energy on the theoretical research of the Party.
During the past several months after the 19th National Congress of the CPC, Li was very busy. Though he said he did not take part in drafting the documents to the national congress, many media and research organizations have expected him to share the experience in learning the spirit of the 19th National Congress.
Economist of the Year
Liu Qiao, director of the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University
Liu is a winner of Distinguished Young Talent Award of the National Science Foundation (2013) and the Ministry of Education “ChangJiang Scholar” Special Term Professor (2014). 
A rich experience has helped him develop a unique perspective on China, Asia and world, and by combining theory and practice, Liu became a famous academic leader in the financial field.
In January 2017, he published the English edition of Corporate China 2.0: The Great Shakeup, a book which has been considered valuable for "strongly recommending to people who are interested in China's economic and financial systems."
Liu is a member of the China Securities Regulatory Commission’s 17th Issuance Examination Commission, providing academic support for Chinese companies to go public. 
Scientific Figure of the Year
Yan Ning, 40, a female life sciences professor at Tsinghua University
Yan got her bachelor's degree at Tsinghua in 2000 and earned her doctorate in 2004 from Princeton University in the US.
Earlier this year, when she announced she accepted an offer from Princeton University to become a tenured professor there, she faced fierce criticism online. Many accused her of being "unpatriotic".
However, many experts supported her because of her research capabilities and her credentials to win recognition at global stage.
In February, she published the research report Structure of a eukaryotic voltage-gated sodium channel at near atomic resolution in Science magazine. “Voltage-gated sodium (Nav) channels are responsible for the initiation and propagation of action potential.”
In July, Professor Yan and her team published a research paper in Cell, and unveiled the structure of the Nav1.4-β1 complex from an electric eel.
Since 2009, she has published 19 research papers in Nature, Science and Cell.
Public Welfare Figure of the Year
Miao Shiming, artist and founder of the World of Art Brut Culture 
Miao graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and in 2009 set up the Shanghai-based NGO that helps the intellectually impaired people develop their artistic potential through training programs.
Now, the organization has set up arts centers in 10 cities across the country, cooperating with about 40 schools, communities and hospitals to help people with autism, celebral palsy and mental diseases.
In August, a charity campaign has been popularly circulating on the social media WeChat. Paintings made by people with autism, celebral palsy and mental diseases were sold on WeChat e-gallery.
The campaign raised more than 15 million yuan from about 6 million donors on August 29. The money is expected to help improve the painters' lives.
New Economic Figure of the Year
Mi Wenjuan, founder and CEO of VIPkid, a four-year-old Beijing-based startup that provides online English-language courses for children
The firm focused on English-language education through one-on-one online video courses, connecting teachers in North America with Chinese children.
The firm has seen monthly revenue of 400 million yuan in July 2017, and possibly it would have full-year revenue of 5 billion yuan this year from 1 billion yuan last year.
Mi has said that she hopes to change the way Chinese children learn English and offer them opportunities to experience native English teaching styles, which are very different to how English is taught in Chinese schools.
Industrial Innovator of the Year
Xu Maodong (Modern Xu), 49, founder and chairman of the Galaxy World
Founded in 2005, Galaxy World is a leading intelligent business Internet platform in China. Based on Internet connection, big data and artificial intelligence, the company helps traditional industries to realize reconstruction and intelligence by Internet.
Galaxy World has formed 5 main systems such as co-founding platform, big data, financial technology, enterprise services and AI, aiming to enable traditional industries to reconstruct industrial chain and business chain to optimize business efficiency, and build an AI-first world.
Cultural Figure of the Year
Xu Bing, born in 1955, graduate of the Central Academy of Fine Arts
Xu is known for his large-scale installations. He shocked the world with the dismantled and restructured Chinese characters several decades ago. 
In 1991, Chinese artist Xu Bing held his first exhibition in the United States at the University of Wisconsin with his iconic large-scale installation Book from the Sky and Ghosts Pounding on the Wall.
Now, he paid attention to the facts in the real world. He would draw materials from the footage of public monitoring systems and produce tales of suspense. 
With his unique cultural sensitivity and insight, he traveled through history and reality and kept precious evidence and precise slicing for the times.
Sports Figure of the Year
Zhang Shuai, 28, tennis player from Tianjin
She started his professional career in 2006, and in 2016 she reached the quarter finals at the Australian Open. She won the women’s singles championship at the Guangzhou Open championship on September 23 this year.
She still remembers a sentence a coach told her: "Making efforts may not lead to success, but giving up is failure. So what’s your choice? We are striving for the possibility of success."

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