Artist portrays modern aesthetics in paintings by combining Chinese, Western features

Artistic works of Huang Chuanning

Born in China's Liaoning province, Huang Chuanning has studied the art of Chinese and Western painting since he was a little boy.

Having rich experience in visual arts education in China, Huang, who graduated from the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts, has settled down in Australia, where he is engaged in painting and fine arts education.

In order to promote the popularity of Chinese arts in Australia, the artist has established the Australian Association for Contemporary Chinese Artists and the Australian Academy of Contemporary Arts, and has organized a series of exchange activities aimed at nurturing young talented artists.

Fusion of Chinese, Western elements

Combining Chinese and Western aesthetic elements into his works, Huang is now finding ways to create abstract paintings with Chinese characteristics.

"I have been dedicated to seeking artistic inspiration from my real life and the changes in people's living habits for many years. As an artist, I have the responsibility to show people's changing lifestyles through my own artistic works," said Huang.

In the process of artistic creation, Huang strives to portray different things with different painting skills.

"For instance, watercolor and splash-ink can create an illusory sense, while oil paintings can present a decorous sense," said Huang, who also innovatively draws Chinese paintings with watercolor to create a unique visual effect.

Deeply affected by abstract expressionism, which originated in the United States in the 1930s, Huang has been delving into abstract paintings which combine features and composition of China's ink painting with Western aesthetics.

"I call my type of painting 'Eastern abstract expressionism'," said Huang.

Symbol of modern aesthetics

With the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures, Huang is going out of his way to discover what modern aesthetics is.

"Public aesthetic sense is a major subject I study. I find that most young people like high brow ridges, double-fold eyelids and pointed chin, which are Western facial features. It indicates that modern people hold Western aesthetics in high regard," said Huang.

But that is not what Huang wants to show in his works.

Among various tools that help people look more beautiful, masks are of particular interest to Huang, who has drawn a slew of pictures of people wearing masks.

"In my opinion, mask is not only a kind of skincare product, but also gives psychological satisfaction to people who want to beautify themselves. So, I select mask as a new subject of my new artistic creation," said Huang.

At first, the artist used his own masked face as the prototype of his paintings in an attempt to show the facial aesthetics of Easterners.

"My yellow skin under a black mask cannot be easily identified, but my black hair, black eyes and facial features show the race I belong to," said Huang.

This series of works aim to let people rethink about their aesthetic standards, said Huang.

"Actually, Eastern aesthetics is becoming popular globally. Learning to appreciate the facial aesthetics of Easterners might be the first step for people to accept Eastern aesthetics," said Huang.

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