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Wuzhen highlights Internet benefits through images as World Conference opens
‘Afu’ Thomas, known to be Shanghai’s favorite son-in-law hailing from Germany who had commended to Angela Merkel China’s mobile payment system Photos:
A photo exhibition showing the impact of the Internet on people’s lives is put on display in Wuzhen town in Zhejiang province where the 5th World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit kicked off this Wednesday. Embellishing Wuzhen’s rustic scenery featuring blue flagstone, wharf wall, stone bridges, and creek, the photography works collection titled Warmth—100 Faces Changed by Internet - constitutes the digital landscape of the historic scenic town.

All subjects of the photos are common people. Using the visual images, Wuzhen Summit intends to record their lives affected by the ubiquitous Internet and the historical achievements of the booming industry over the past two decades, according to a report by, a Shanghai-based news portal.  
“The photos come from 26 provinces and areas in China and 12 foreign countries, with the farthest places being Australia and Angola in Africa,” a curator told

Among the faces, there is an inn keeper atop a 5,000-metre mountain peak, marathon runner with vision disability but crazy about online shopping, and fashionable Taobao shopkeeper in her early 70s. If it was not for the Internet, their lives could never be the same.

The oldest figure in the pictures is a 97-year-old citizen from southwest China’s Sichuan province, who returned to his hometown with the help of network tracing 77 years after his departure. The youngest is a primary school student who’s family manages to make ends meet through on a delivery app. The foreign faces include ‘Afu’ Thomas, known to be Shanghai’s favorite son-in-law hailing from Germany who had commended to Angela Merkel China’s mobile payment system.

According to a statistical report on China’s Internet development, by June 2018, the number of Internet users in China exceeded 800 million.

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