Checks and balances system compels trump to constantly adjust his policy

Having won the presidential election on an anti-establishment platform, billionaire Donald Trump wanted to run the country in the same way as he ran his business, but his lack of knowledge of the country’s political system has constantly slowed him down and forced to adjust policies in several aspects, according to Zhou Qi, a professor from National Strategy Institute of Tsinghua University.
First, generally speaking, the appointment of new cabinet officials is completed between August and October of the first year of a new president of the US. However, so far, besides secretary-level officials, positions of many deputy secretaries and some other important officials are still vacant, which shows that many of Trump’s policies are still not clear. One of the reasons for the delay in the appointment of officials is that Trump is anti-establishment and many experienced officials are establishment officials and had opposed him during the presidential campaign.
Many of the cabinet officials that Trump has appointed so far are from military, business and even from his own family, which is quite different from the past practice. Probably, Trump’s family may gradually become one with political power and influence.
Besides, Trump’s lack of knowledge about the American political system has also gotten him run into several roadblocks. In the US political system, a president is usually checked and balanced by the Congress, judiciary and even the media. But Trump’s attitude toward media did not win him as good a reputation as his predecessors. In addition, his Obamacare replacement bill still has not received the needed support in the House.
Trump has been insisting on his principle to put America first since the presidential election, and economy, trade and employment were the priorities in his first 100 days in the White House, but efforts have been made on trade and economy in the past three months and Trump’s comment that South Korea should pay for THAAD makes people think the new president is putting more emphasize on the economy and trade than security issues.

Zhou Qi is a professor from National Strategy Institute of Tsinghua University.

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