US will stick to ‘one China’ policy, but Trump will not give up on Taiwan

While Taiwan’s support of Hillary Clinton under the current president Tsai Ing-wen has prompted discussions whether the Tsai administration bet on the wrong party, Cheng Jianren, a former official of Taiwan’s foreign affairs department, thinks that Taiwan leaders would not bet on any party as the foreign policy establishment often tends to keep in touch with both parties.

He also thinks that America will continue to support “One China” policy, but in the meantime, Trump will not give up on Taiwan.

Maintaining relations with Taiwan is in America’s national interest, and US-Taiwan relations cannot be easily changed under the Taiwan Relations Act, according to Cheng.

He said that America will take many aspects into consideration when selling weapons to Taiwan including its own national interest and other countries’ interests. Taiwan should never forget the importance of its relationship with the Chinese mainland when dealing with America, Cheng added.

In terms of economic issues, Cheng believes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is very important for Taiwan, but since the President-elect Trump thinks TPP is unfair to America, Taiwan may need to renegotiate on TPP. But no matter what, the Taiwan-US economic and trade relations will continue, Cheng added. He also believes that the Tsai administration should think about how to promote the interests of Taiwan and make efforts to join the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RECP).

As to the appointment of Reince Priebus as the new chief of staff to President-elect Donald Trump, who pushed for the inclusion of the “Six Assurances” into the party platform of the Republican Party, Cheng said Priebus is a young, ambitious and also low-key politician in the Republican Party. The Republican Party has always been friendly to Taiwan, and Pirebus’ appointment as the chief of staff of the White House will also benefit Taiwan, Cheng noted.

Cheng Jianren is a retired official who previously worked with Taiwan’s foreign affairs department.

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