US should let China integrate into world trade system: expert

The US needs to design a "roadmap" that China could follow to integrate into the system of the international trade rules, as the Donald Trump administration does not have a clear and complete policy toward China, according to a US expert.

In a recent interview with the, Melanie Hart, a senior fellow and director of China Policy at the Center for American Progress, argued that what the US should do right now is to urge China to sit down at the negotiating table for the creation of the bilateral trade rules that can be accepted by both sides, given the fact that the US under the leadership of Barack Obama was annoyed with China's practices that violate the international trade rules.

Hart noted that the US and China could work together to make the rules for the international trade and treaties related to trade. The US should be inclusive and let China take part in the making of rules, Hart said.

Hart ridiculed the notion that the "one China" principle can be negotiated, saying that China will never accept any form of negotiation over the issue.

As a researcher focusing on climate change, Hart thought highly of the past cooperation between the US and China in combating climate change. With Trump backing away from the Paris climate agreement, Hart believed that the spirit of the US-China cooperation in dealing with climate change could be replicated in the cooperation in making the world trade rules.

With the US and China building four high-level dialogue mechanisms covering diplomacy, security, economy, law enforcement and cyber security, the two countries should use the "actual result" rather than "quantity" as a tool to test the quality of the dialogue mechanisms.

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