Trump far from implementing signature policies in first 100 days

As April 29 will mark the completion of the first hundred days of Donald Trump's presidency, the US president is far from being able to implement his favored policies like a travel ban and Obamacare repeal.

Trump has many plans, but he has made very little headway in turning them into reality, which has something to do with his personality, which leads him to make impulsive decisions.

This personality is reflected in his recent U-turn on China's currency manipulation. During his presidential campaign, Trump vowed to label China as a currency manipulator. And after taking office as president, he criticized China as the "grand champions" of currency manipulation. But after becoming aware that China has been making efforts to enhance the value of the yuan against the US dollar since 2014, Trump refused to officially declare China as a currency meddler.

On the diplomatic front, Trump appears to have become more moderate, with his policies toward China and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization becoming softer. His face-to-face meeting at his private resort with Xi Jinping indicates that Trump wants to set a friendly tone for the US-China relationship.

The radical change in his China policy can be partly attributed to the sound communication between the two leaders and the policy adjustment by Trump's team.

At present, it is hard to predict Trump's policies toward China because he and most of his cabinet members has no experience in politics.

When it comes to the US-Russia relations, previous expectations that the ties between the two countries would become closer as Trump vowed closer ties with Russia have dissipated.

The author is the head of the American Research Center of the China Institute of Modern International Relations.

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