Trump's State of the Union address not 'successful' in achieving his goals: expert

What US President Donald Trump said in his first State of the Union address made on Tuesday could not play a role in unifying the American people, said an expert.

During a telephone interview with, Yin Xiaohuang, a professor at the Occidental College, described Trump as a "narrowly eligible businessman-turned president", citing the fact that he failed to strike a balance between the interests of different groups and was unable to ease the bipartisan tensions.

"President should be the president for all American people rather than the president for a certain political party. What Trump said in today's State of the Union address would lead to a situation where the people who oppose him would oppose him further while the people who support him will support him more," said Yin.

Yin recalled that no Democratic congressman applauded when Trump talked about the immigration policy, which the professor regarded as a "dangerous" sign at a moment when Trump was hit by an approval rate of less than 40 percent. "So it means that Trump did not complete a perfect transformation to a politician from a businessman. He might be a successful businessman, but not an eligible president."

Yin said that Trump's immigration policy would create a shock to the minority groups especially the Chinese-Americans. "Trump reiterated his tough stance on immigration in the State of the Union address, talking about a ban on immigration to the United States of other relatives with the exception of spouses and minor children," said Yin, stressing that Chinese-Americans would be badly affected by the ban because they extremely cherish family and normally bring other family members to the United States after they settle down there.

The professor explained the reason behind Trump's conservative attitude toward the immigration policy, saying that it stemmed from the fear that the influx of the immigrants especially the talented people would cause damage to the interests of the local white people.

Yin did not think that Trump's State of the Union speech was a successful one. "In the speech, Trump persisted in recalcitrance in domestic and foreign policies. With regard to the domestic policies, he supports policies that encourage people to own guns and support increase in arms manufacturing. He also opposes Obama's healthcare policy. In terms of foreign policy, Trump recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, holds a negative attitude toward Iranian nuclear agreement and wants to keep the Guantanamo Bay prison open," noted Yin.

In Yin's opinion, what Trump promised in the State of the Union speech was lip service. "Trump talked about the need to build more schools, but he did not explain where the money would come from. Normally, the money spent on education comes from taxes and savings from defense cuts. So where will the money come from if Trump adopts policies to cut taxes and increase military spending," said Yin.

When commenting on Trump's policy toward China, Yin said that the US president seemed to be softener on China. Trump mentioned China twice in the State of the Union speech, once when talking about China and Russia's rising military power and again in the context of North Korean refugees. "Trump did not directly attack China when expounding on trade with China, which was against many analysts' expectations. It indicates Trump's softened attitude toward China," said Yin.

Despite the criticism, Yin still admitted that the American economy grew in the first year of Trump's presidency. In the State of the Union speech, Trump pledged to continue the policy to support big enterprises, said Yin.

On Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer said that Trump should thank former President Obama for the country's economic growth. "If you are going to pat yourself on the back, give a shoutout to Barack Obama because he did even better than you in terms of job creation," Schumer said.

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