Trump, a winner from ‘outside the system’

Generally speaking, it is a reasonable time for a Republican candidate to be the president of the US. Wrong judgments of the media and experts on the result were caused by a candidate who was very different from previous politicians.

That Trump won the election as an outsider of the political system could become a global phenomenon. While his slogan is to “make America great again,” he is actually fighting against the system of both Democratic Party and Republican Party.

As most American people are now disappointed by the US political system, Trump is advocating what most American people want, especially the white working class. That is why voters in some key swing states which tended to vote for Democratic Party candidates cast their ballots for Trump.

America’s working class still hasn’t fully recovered from the financial crisis eight years ago, with their household conditions getting worse. Trump’s promises concerning trade, diplomacy, immigration, and health care during the campaign were what such working class wanted.

Now, people will keep a close eye on Trump’s performance in the coming 100 days, and how he would carry out his plans such as clearing corruption in Washington, revitalizing economy, and cutting taxes for the middle class.

Dong Jiling is the former deputy director of the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

(Opinions expressed in the article don't represent those of the

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