Xi Jinping brings “new ideas” to Chinese diplomacy
After Xi Jinping took office, he has brought many “new ideas” to the Chinese diplomacy, said David Dollar, a senior fellow at the John L. Thornton China Center at the Brookings Institution, in an interview with Sino-US.com. Dollar expects that after the 19th Congress of the CPC, China could make better choices in outbound investments, and better deal with major issues in US-China relations.

Dollar emphasized there are several things especially noteworthy about President Xi's economic diplomacy, among which the most important one is the strategy to “go global”, which is aimed at Chinese companies making outbound investments, acquiring overseas business assets and developing natural resources on foreign lands. The Belt and Road initiative is also included in the new ideas.

Dollar said that generally speaking, the world welcomes the initiatives like the Belt and Road, through which China provides funding for  infrastructure projects in developing countries in Asia and Africa. In his view, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) now with 85 member states, works as a good example. Now, through the AIIB, China has used its financial resources to invest into infrastructure projects beyond borders. For example, even India that has tense bilateral relations with China, has got loans from the AIIB. Overall, the strategies of going global have been very successful.

According to Dollar, the part involving China-US relations in the economic diplomacy is also noteworthy. During past year's presidential campaign in the US, Trump as presidential candidate, had made tough criticism against China. In this way, there were uncertainties in the bilateral relationship, while Xi and his high-level counselors had done a good job in making the summit at the Mar-a-Lago resort possible. China was well-prepared and so the meeting ended well. On the US side, they especially hoped to cooperate with China on issues including North Korea and US-China trade. Certainly, one meeting could not resolve all problems in the relationship, when some issues are actually deep-seated.

Dollar concluded that for the first term of office, Xi has laid solid foundation in global investment and US-China trade relations, while it is also important to keep the momentum after the Party Congress. The success lies in China’s ability to identify the “good chances” in overseas investments in a bid to benefit both itself and the global economy, and managing North Korea issues and preventing trade frictions from affecting China's economy. In the China expert's view, China now is at a midpoint and good leadership in the country could not only benefit the country itself but also the whole world. 

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