A rough road ahead for Trump
The US presidential election has come to an end with Trump, who was trailing in polls, emerging as an unexpected winner. Zheng Hao, a well-known commentator of Phoenix Satellite TV, has witnessed all the ups and downs in New York. Below are his perspectives about the new situation.  
The presidential election has caused a deep divide in the American society. The choice (of Trump) represents not only voters’ disdain toward Washington’s corruption and bureaucracy, but a strong will to change the political system—although this may prove to be really difficult and even impossible. 
The traditional rule of the game in American politics has been reversed. A controversial entrepreneur with no pervious experience in politics or public office, is going to lead the country, ushering in an ambiguous future. If the voters have made a wise choice, it’s still early to tell, although it is at least a breakthrough.  
Some analysts believe it is a “political earthquake”, while in my opinion, to some extent, it is a revolution that challenges the previously obsolete system. The election features no obvious voting lead in many battleground states, meaning the people are divided. The divide would continue for a while, and Trump would take battering from the opponents and the media. Even if the Democrats don’t control any of the two Houses, cooperation with the Capitol Hill would not be easy and all these are hindrances to Trump. 
Trump has won because he has successfully used the fears of the people. American people are anxious about losing jobs, being forced to accept unfair trade agreements, terrorist attacks and rising crime rate caused by inflow of illegal immigrants. Trump has made all the promises that please his voters: if they’re worried about losing jobs, there will be more employment opportunities; if they’re concerned about more immigrants and illegal border-crossing, then there will be a “wall”. 
Trump has grasped his opportunity to accuse the Obama administration of being theoretical geniuses and practical idiots. His campaign team delicately associated Hillary to the Democrats and Obama administration. If the current Washington bureaucracy is not efficient, then why voters would give Democrats another four years. So, Trump may be much more efficient in remedying the situation. 
However, it remains unclear if the promises made by Trump could really be fulfilled in the future. Although the Republicans have gained majority in the two Houses, it will take a long time for the required bills to be passed by the Capitol Hill. 
President Xi Jinping has sent messages to congratulate Trump right after the election, which means China values the China-US relations, and hopes to develop mutually beneficial relations during Trump’s term. The two countries have over 60 agreements and would continue to cooperate in securities, network, trade, finance and other fields. 

Zheng Hao is a commentator on the Phoenix Satellite TV, and former journalist of the Ming, Asian TV and Hong Kong Daily. The article is translated and edited by Rebecca Lin. 

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