Zhang Manjun: American people want change
Donald Trump has won the presidential election! “It is very good because it means American people is expecting something new,” said Zhang Manjun, the honorary chairman of the Asia Pacific American Advisory Committee of Trump Campaign, “Chinese people would say that to govern the country, one should first be able to govern one's family; to govern one's family successfully, one should first learn to govern oneself. So, America should first put everything in order here at home.” 
For Trump’s victory, Zhang believes it reflects American people’s hope to make a change. 
 “I do not just speak for Republicans. When people were against war, they voted to remove the president and change the majority in both houses. Why one president could only stay in office for maximum eight years? That’s because there will be too many connections. Hillary Clinton is an example. (She’s ) too corrupt. Unspeakable. During the 24 years that she was in Washington, she’d done many wrong things, including approving businessmen to sell uranium mines to Russians and putting the $2 million earned into her foundation. Her e-mail scandal could not be overlooked. What would people think about it? Corruption from the beginning to end and then there is cover-up. American people have got clear mind and that’s the beautiful thing about it. We’re not sure what Trump would do about it but at least he’s trying. Now the US needs someone that’s smart and great. We’re highly indebted, got a slowing economy, and tough environment for entrepreneurs. Only a strong and smart leader could save the country. American people have realized that they need a capable leader to remodel its systems of economy, homeland security, borders and immigrants,” she commented. 
 “(We could not) easily allow illegal immigrants in to take away our welfare, harm citizens’ interests. They’re out of means because they could not work without legal identity. It’s not like we’re not helping, but America needs to safeguard its own citizens first before extending help to others,” said Zhang, noting the country is on the right path of dealing with its domestic affairs first. 
Zhang Manjun is professor at the University of Southern California and honorary Chairman of the Asia Pacific American Advisory Committee. 

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