Senior PLA official rebukes Japan, US at World Peace Forum

Two men stand outside a hall where a luncheon will be held. Photo: Ding Yi/

Before a gathering of former politicians, international relations experts, ambassadors and diplomats from home and abroad, a senior People's Liberation Army official on Sunday brashly excoriated Japan and the United States, as China is at odds with the two allies in spats over territorial disputes and cyber security.

Sun Jianguo, deputy chief of the General Staff of the People's Liberation Army, said at a luncheon during the Third World Peace Forum held by Tsinghua University in Beijing that all the peace-loving countries and people should remain vigilant about the resurgence of Japanese militarism, as the two neighbors are blaming each other for close encounters between fighter jets over the East China Sea.

"All the peaceful countries and people should stay alert about Japan's inclination toward a wrong and dangerous path, the resurgence of its militarism and the inclination of its right-wing forces to disturb the post-war international order," said Sun, also the president of China International Institute for Strategic Society.

Sun listed Japan's misconducts of denying the history of aggression during World War II, including a lack of sincerity in admitting the crime, revising school textbooks to whitewash the history, visiting the Yasukuni Shrine honoring the war criminals, reviewing the Kono statement on wartime sex slavery, revising the pacifist constitution and lifting the ban on collective self-defense right.

"Japan is speeding up efforts to increase its military assets in a bid to break the post-war order," said Sun, adding that its long-standing disputes with its neighbors over the islands in the East China Sea increase the regional tension and disrupt the world peace.

Early in June, China's Defense Ministry denounced Japan for sending F-15 fighter jets to follow a Chinese TU-154 warplane on a regular patrol over the East China Sea where the two countries are squaring up for the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands.

Analysts said that Japan's recent provocative acts are in part due to the endorsement of its patron, the United States, which Sun blamed for adopting double standards on dealing with the disputes between China and Japan.

"In international exchanges, every country should definitely spurn the law of the jungle and deal with world affairs with the same standard and through direct talks and negotiations," said Sun.

During a visit to Japan in April, US President Barack Obama reaffirmed US commitments to the security of the key Asian ally and said that the Diaoyu Islands are included in the US-Japan security pact, adding to further confrontation between China and Japan in the East China Sea.

Sun also criticized the United States for violating the basic rule of international relations, saying that every country should base their judgment over an international issue on objectivity.

Sun complained about the bias the United States has on defining terrorist attacks, human rights abuse, religious events and ethnic conflicts in China, especially in Xinjiang and Tibet, saying that it will be detrimental to the mutual trust between China and the United States.

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