Official: China to extend ‘Chinese green card’ to cover more people


A Chinese official said there would be no limit on the number of Chinese green cards issued to overseas Chinese who’d like to get back to China for starting business or visiting relatives.

The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council held a special press conference on March 6, 2014 to answer questions about Chinese green card. He Yefei (何亚非), the vice director of the Office, said they will further expand the coverage and expedite the speed of Chinese green card issuance, noting there would be no limit for the number of cards.

According to He, the Chinese government will do all that’s possible for facilitating the home visits of overseas Chinese, although at the moment, the coverage of the Chinese green card is still not satisfactory. All concerned departments in the Chinese mainland are required to coordinate on the green card, under the push of the Office. 

He noted that the visa policies for overseas Chinese are now getting more and more relaxed. At present, the longest period of validity for family reunion visa is five years.

The official also explained the two major goals of their work: one is to establish specialized institutions in the cities that are densely populated by overseas Chinese for helping with them deal with problems, and the other goal is for the Office to provide employment information or any other conveniences for those overseas Chinese who’d like to get back to homeland.    

Among over 60 million overseas Chinese all across the world, there are nearly 5 million who possess specialized skills and many of them would like to come to China for career development, according to the official.

At the conference, He reiterated the role of overseas Chinese in constructing bilateral dialogue and strengthening public relations. He pointed out that overseas Chinese should work together for constructing harmonious overseas Chinese communities. He gave the example of last year’s huge protest against ABC television and encouraged overseas Chinese to stand up as a united group and fight for their legitimate rights.

“As for last years’s protest against ABC television, I’m quite inspired. That means when critical times come, the collective power of the whole overseas Chinese community can be huge and should be encouraged,” he said.

As for strengthening public diplomacy, He encouraged overseas Chinese communities to make more contribution in this specific field. “Overseas Chinese should take more initiative and be active advocate of public diplomacy,” he said.

“The advantage of overseas Chinese lies in their wide social connections and international identities. They are capable of telling good Chinese stories in a more appropriate way and their stories can better received by the whole world,” said He.

Meanwhile, he said, given that overseas Chinese groups usually are familiar with local rules of law and investment environment, they can also provide help for the Chinese enterprises.


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