Proposals and remarks at Two Sessions that make no sense


Year after year, the Two Sessions are becoming more innovative. With the close of the annual meeting, it may be time to reflect on the proposals of some really “innovative” CPPCC members. Their opinions and proposals caught the attention of the public just because they simply make no sense.

Proposal one: “Water Margin” should be banned for social stability

Proposed by: CPPCC member Li Haibin

Profile: Vice principal of Xiamen National Accounting Institute, and philosophy professor of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Contents: TV series like Water Margin should be banned, and so should many other war-themed soup operas. Water Margin belongs to old time masterpiece and so it could hardly be applied to modern times.

Netizen comments: Illiteracy is horrible. Then let Journey to the West also be banned, which is too violent. And let Dream of Red Mansions also be banned, which is so pornographic.

Proposal two: Resume welfare-oriented public housing system for easing traffic jam

Proposed by: Guangdong province CPPCC member Xu Yan

Position: Professor at a financial college in Guangdong

Content: After the public housing distribution system was canceled, people sought to buy places that were cheap, so cared less about transportation cost. The practice increased the use of automobiles, and caused more traffic jam. “Let’s try resuming the public housing system and let those enterprises with spare cash build houses for their own employees in the neighborhood of the office compound. In this way, around 40% of the total traffic could be reduced.”

Netizen comment: It’s totally daydreaming. The public housing system has been canceled for over a decade. And during the period, local governments all made quite a fortune through real estate development. How could they be willing to give up such a big cake?

Proposal three: Government officials should not be allowed to take EMBA course to avoid collusion with businessmen

Proposed by: Provincial committee of Guangdong province

Content: EMBA courses provide a platform for government officials and businessmen to know each other and exchange benefits under the table. So, the disciplinary and supervision departments should not allow government officials to attend the course.

Netizen comment: So, if there is no EMBA, then there would be no collusion? Not all collusions develop from fraternity. It is of no use to shut down all channels for them to know each other. Only “caging the authorities and powers” could work.

Proposal four: Long schooling time creates leftover women and men

Proposed by: Guangdong Province CPPCC Member Huang Yanyu

Position: Political commissar of a military hospital in Guangzhou

Content: The schooling time is too long (in China). That may lead to late adaption to the society and late marriages. It’s suggested to shorten the 12 year high school education into nine years. In that case, kids could graduate at 19 and plan their future life earlier.

Netizen comments: If schooling is a waste of time, then what is not?

Remarks one: China mobile ‘set meals’ should not be allowed to be refunded

Speaker: NPC Deputy Zhong Tianhua

Position: General manger of China Mobile’s Guangdong branch

Content: When users chose some packages, they purchase quite a lot of services at lower prices compared with retail services. Like in KFC, if you buy a basket for a whole family, it is much more economic than buying all the things separately. But when you would not like to eat drumstick, it makes no sense for you to get a refund for it.

Netizen comment: When you could barely eat the drumstick, you could take it away or give it out to others. But ‘set meals’ for communications services are totally different things. There is just no point in arguing about that. The point is to cut down the monopolistic prices.
Remark Two: Have one day off every week and rest for four days at the end of the every month

Speaker: NPC Deputy Wang Yong

Position: Mayor of Sanya, Hainan province

Content: The heavy traffic and stream of people are all caused by the current holiday system. It is suggested to have four days off by the end of every month, and rest for just one day every week.

Netizen comment: It is suggested that we have five days off every week and work for just two days. Then everyone will be happy.

Remark three: It’s against natural law that cat could hardly beat mouse in cartoons

Speaker: NPC Deputy Wei Zhe

Position: Beijing chief of People’s Armed Police

Content: Attention should be paid to children’s education. Now, every time I turn on the TV, my grandson wants to watch Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse. It’s against the natural law for the cat to never win against the mouse.

Netizen comment: Are you intending to represent (not people) but cats at the Two Sessions?


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