Win free team tickets for 15th Hidden City Game-Sino-US

Win free team tickets for 15th Hidden City Game

The is now handing out three free team tickets (worth up to 240yuan each) for the 15th Hidden City Game on August 21 to the first three followers who send a screenshot of the message in the Moments to our WeChat account (ID: sinous2012). 

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Escape the Jungles of Adventure Island

The 15th Hidden City Game on 21 August provides Beijingers again the opportunity to see their city with different eyes and experience it in a completely new way. This month's event location is in the hidden forests of Jade Island and Beihai Park. Participants are invited to explore all these hidden spots, unlock its secrets, participate in fun activities and be back in time to win great prizes.

In July, Hidden City Game: Hutong Racing attracted over 180 participants and 5 elite teams that signed up to compete for the challenging Masters Cup. For the first time, frequent players had to solve even more cryptic questions, master tricky activities and still outpace the other teams to win the hotly contested Hidden City Cup.

With the help of the last participants, the team keeps working to make improvements. David Latimer, the founder of Beijing Improbable Guides, said it was great to see the game translated into Spanish and having Chinese as our working language. We again got high feedback scores, and now we have even more people asking us, “what’s next?”

“It is a really good concept - everyone loves it. I turn up every time” (Jay).

“My friends and I are looking forward to the next one” (Shannon).

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As we are in the heat of August, the organizers searched for the ideal venue. With its lakes and shady willows, Beihai Park was discovered the perfect spot to enjoy cool summer fun. Free cold beers and drinks will be available at the finish line.

The "Hidden City Game" is an exploration event that is changing how the wondrous, enigmatic capital of China is discovered. Its unique format was developed in Beijing, by a team of both local and international organizers. Participants include expats, students and locals who want to experience their city in a new way and discover its secrets. Prizes are sponsored by local restaurants, businesses and other venues. At the last event, 11 generous companies were pleased to offer over 8000 RMB to the winning teams.

Even though it is sometimes compared to the Amazing Race TV Show, the unique format of game is only in Beijing. It has the primary goal of experiencing the wonders of Chinese culture and history.

The start time is variable, so everyone can enjoy it at their own pace. Families and friends who want to spend an enjoyable afternoon together should form an Explorer Team and obtain a team ticket from of a Hidden City Adventure Agent. A long game is 3.5 hours and a short game is 2.5 hours. Masters teams are competitive players and race to win the Hidden City Cup. Special challenges, tricky questions and cheers of encouragement make this especially exciting. Instructions and answer sheets are provided in Chinese, English and newly in Spanish.

Date:    21 August 2016
Time:    13.30 - 17.30

Start venue:
Five Dragon Pavilion
500m east of North Gate
Beihai Park North (Line 6)

Cost: 60 - 80 RMB
           Children free

More information can be found on

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