TIENSTIENS to house Fête de la Musique on 21 June
Fête de la Musique, also known as Music Day , Make Music Day or World Music Day, is an annual music celebration taking place on 21 June. The concept of an all-day musical celebration on the days of the solstice was originated by the French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang. 
The festival later became celebrated in over 110 countries and 340 cities across the world. For this year, the official organization of Fête de la Musique would put on multiple shows on various venues. TIENSTIENS is to house a special performance of the series on the day of June 21, featuring Jazz, R&B, and spontaneous shows. 
Jazz Trio  18:30-20:30 
Marina Litvinova-singer

Marina Litvinova first discovered the true extent of her musical talent at the tender age of 13, after winning a high profile singing competition that was being hosted in her small hometown in Ukraine. This inspired her to take her voice to stages all across the world, travelling to countries including Germany, Russiaand, Italy, to showcase her extraordinary vocal skills.
Jack Lecomber–bass

Jack Lecomber is a musician, from England, special sing in song writing, bass playing and band-leading (mainly pop groups and jazz ensembles). He also has experience singing lead and backing vocals, as well as teaching guitar, bass, music master classes and group music lessons to people over the age of 10. 
Gary Wang–pianist

Pianist, famous of Jazz performance. Gary was the student of CarlWinther and now work for the biggest keybord conmmunity 'Key Board China'. He is also the column translator of the American magazine ‘Key Board’
Ad Libitum   20:30-22:30 

Ad Libitum: A cello, two guitars, percussion, and vocals. Elegant, lush, and full of soul. Sometimes you want a different groove, and these musicians take you on a slow ride through soul, R&B, blue-eyed gospel, Motown and more along the way.
In this trio, three seasoned musicians live their name "to play freely" songs you thought you knew before and some wholly original as well.



Time: 2017-06-21 18:30-20:30/20:30-22:30
Ticket:Free Entrance
For the event special deal, please ask terrace bar.

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