Improve your public speaking skills in Chinese at this language workshop

If you want to work and live in China, learning Chinese is usually the first thing that you may want do. But after learning some basics, you would probably need to further polish your pronunciation, get more knowledge about how people from this country negotiate and converse more like a Chinese native about every daily detail.

The second public speaking workshop was held at the Mandarin Pro School on Wednesday, and the next workshop will be in two weeks. Photo: Chunmei/

No matter which stage you are at now, this public speaking workshop, which gives practical, professional and interesting training and feedback, may help you “grow”, not only further improving your Chinese pronunciation and grammar, but more importantly allowing you to deal with the locals in a more Chinese way.

For beginners, it will be a suitable environment to overcome the fear of using Chinese in public; for intermediate students and advanced students, it will be a supportive group environment where people with diverse skills and backgrounds can exchange valuable feedback.

Organized by Mandarin Pro School, a Chinese language school, the workshop normally lasts two hours. In the first hour, participants deliver a three- to six-minute speech which they prepared before the workshop, and after the speech, they will be given feedback from Chinese teachers on the pronunciation, tone and grammar. The participants will also receive feedback from a professional speaker who is a foreigner but speaks very good Chinese, and is experienced in doing Chinese presentation and public speeches. The professional speaker will give feedback about delivery and content of the speech, as well as body language.

The second hour is scenario acting. The participants will get daily life scenarios or business scenarios with details, and act in groups accordingly and negotiate in Chinese. The participants do not know the topics beforehand, and each group will be given one minute to prepare. And after the scenario acting, each group will also receive feedback from both the Chinese teacher and the professional speaker.

Participants are doing scenario acting in the second part. Photo: Chunmei/

“Teachers are from the Mandarin Pro School with great experience. We want people to improve,” said Paula, one of the organizers of the workshop, who has been in China for three years. After learning Chinese for two years, she wants to find a place to practice her Chinese, not only in a classroom environment or in the street, but more importantly in a more professional way. She said people coming here may make mistakes, but it would also be a good opportunity for them to become brilliant, and do the real talking in front of their customers, for example.

The next workshop will be organized in two weeks, and for those who have already got a middle or upper Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) degree but do not have too many opportunities to practice Chinese in daily life, it will be a good choice to join this free workshop and practice public speaking in Chinese.

For more information about the workshop, you can follow the Wechat account of Mandarin Pro: MandarinPro.

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