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US, China have 'no reason' to be enemies, says US expert

US President-elect Donald Trump will not automatically inherit his predecessor's rebalance to Asia strategy as his Pacific policy, given the US and China's shared economic interests, according to an American expert.

In a recent interview with, R. James Woolsey, a senior advisor to Trump, expressed his confidence in the prospects of the healthy bilateral relations under Trump's presidency, stressing that the two countries have "no reason" to become enemies due to their joint focus on business cooperation.

The US and China still have potential of closer collaboration in areas of South China Sea disputes, climate change, and anti-terrorist operation, said Woolsey.

The two countries have different areas of concern in the disputed South China Sea with China attaching importance to oil exploitation and security of oil transport channel and the US focusing on protection of freedom of navigation, said Woolsey, adding that a good method to solve the differences in the region is to jointly find ways to become less dependent on fossil fuels.

Less use of fossil fuels could also lead to realization of the global effort to deal with climate change, said Woolsey, but he added that the issue of climate change may not be the top priority of Trump's agenda as president, as reflected in his previous vow to exit from the Paris climate agreement.

The advisor also talked about the Beijing-led "One Belt, One Road" initiative, a multilateral trade treaty which he said could include China and the US. The two countries could be positive competitors under the international agreement. Describing Trump as a "builder", Woolsey said that the US and China could benefit from their cooperation in infrastructure construction and energy security.

(The article is translated and edited by Ding Yi.)

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