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U.S. trade war aims at containing China’s rise as a fledgling superpower
U.S. President Donald, dubbed as one of the most unpredictable leaders in the world by the mainstream international media, did something predictable this time, he slapped tariffs on 34 billion USD worth of Chinese products and another 16 billion USD under consideration right on time and according to the schedule he announced weeks ago.
The U.S. decision quickly met with tit-fir-tat retaliation from China with its ministry of commerce announcing the exactly the same measure on the same amount of U.S. exports to China. Washington also threatened to slap another 10 percent tariff on 200 billion USD worth of Chinese products, mostly technologically significant, as a follow-up step and Beijing responded by vowing to fight back with qualitative and quantitative measures to protect its national interests.
The two countries are now deadlocked in the largest trade war in the world’s economic history with reciprocal tariffs on each other’s products on dazzling and seemingly never ending lists. There were no signs or intentions of returning to the negotiating table from either side,  and the two largest economies were heading for a full-blown trade war and at this point neither Washington nor Beijing could afford to show political weakness and to back down from a duel-like standoff.
There had been dazzling analysis into the cause of the sino-U.S. trade showdown which took the form of a trade war, but think twice and take another deeper look, it is not difficult to trace down the nature and hidden essence behind the trade war, it is actually a war without gun-fires between the largest risen power and the largest rising power in the world.
Under the America First doctrine, the Trump administration was launching global trade war as it also imposed tariffs on steel and aluminium from Canada, Mexico and European Union countries,  but the prime target of such a war was apparently China which Washington branded as its strategic rival and posed the gravest threat to the U.S. leadership in the world.
Washington was launching the war to contain the rise of China, which was almost a must-do to preserve its superiority over China which was the second economy in the world and was quickly catching up in its national power and strength not only in terms of Gross National Product GDP but also in high-tech scientific, research and development, military spheres which were now dominated by the United States. In another word, China is touching the cheese of America.
The United States has been a long-time winner since defeating Nazi Germany and imperial Japan with its allies in world war II, and it became an almost invincible super power after it won a hard-fought cold war with the Soviet Union and wiped out the largest military threat posed by Moscow.
Now the United States felt another threat as China’s  influence was mushrooming in the economic, political and even military fields and becoming more vocal and influential in world affairs, China said it would stick to the course of peaceful rise which threatens no other nations,  but it has built up formidable capabilities and potentials during four decades of reform and opening up to
the outside world  and built up a momentum to overtake the United States as the world leader, this is something really makes Washington jittery and the real reason for the Trump administration to launch a trade war against China and its rise as a fledgling super power.
The United State felt it must do something to contain or stop China’s rise and safeguard its leading position in a marathon competition between the two countries which could last into the coming decades, a high-intensity military conflict can virtually be ruled out between the two nuclear powers in the foreseeable future, so a trade war became an easily seen and almost inevitable option for Washington.
China has said its peaceful rise was unstoppable and the United d was trying its best to stop it, this is the real and fundamental reason for the escalating trade war between the two countries. If the United States could not learn to live at ease with another rising superpower, the war would linger on and on with no foreseeable ending.    

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