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Hillary Clinton will win US presidential election: expert

Hillary Clinton (right) stands with Donald Trump at the start of the presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. Photo: AP

Hillary Clinton will win the US presidential election despite the fact that her Republican competitor Donald Trump marginally gained an upper hand in the third presidential debate, according to a China-US relations expert.

Yin Xiaohuang, a professor at the Occidental College, made the remarks in an interview with the after the third and last presidential debate held in Las Vegas on October 19.

"Hillary Clinton will surely win the presidential election because the Wall Street and the US elite feel bullish about her and she has gained support from the Democratic political elites and even the former president George Bush," said Yin, who holds the title of Changjiang Scholar awarded by China's Ministry of Education.

Clinton has raised roughly twice as much in campaign funds as Trump, to whom no American top 500 enterprise has donated money, said Yin, adding that many Republican gurus have showed distrust toward the Republican presidential candidate.

The expert said that the great physical performance of Clinton in the three presidential debates dismissed previous concerns over her health, citing the fact that the 69-year-old woman did not look tired and even did not drink water during the debates.

In the last debate, Trump continued his personal style to be a "true man" telling the truth, ignoring the pressures from the election or a defeat, while Clinton seemed to be more arrogant and tried to avoid talking about some negative issues, said Yin, attributing Trump's personal trait to the lack of admirable educational background, which is different from Clinton who graduated from Yale University.

Despite his personality that endears himself to the public, one of the most important reasons why Trump is unable to testify his competence to be a president is that he might not accept the results of the election, violating a basic norm of the American political democracy.

According to Yin, no handshake during the debates reflects the political rift in the American society, where the elite class is antagonistic toward the poor white people.

In the US, Trump's supporters who are mainly white men with no higher education think that the elite do not care about the former's interests. In addition, the domestic economic problems are deepening the rift, as the elite backs Clinton and the people whose economic interests are impaired side with Trump.

China policy

Both Clinton and Trump mentioned issues about China in the last presidential debate, with Clinton touching upon the world's second-largest economy when talking about abortion, said Yin, adding that Clinton will be tough with China in terms of human rights and women's rights. What's more, Clinton has long criticized Trump for his policy to trade with China.

Yin concluded that Clinton will be different from Barack Obama who has made a good impression on Asians due to his life in Indonesia. But he predicted that Clinton will play her cards in accordance with basic political rules. On behalf of the big American capitalists and elite who are willing to cooperate with China economically, Clinton should know how to make a balance in her China policy, added Yin.

(The article is translated and edited by Ding Yi.)

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