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Committee of 100 scholarship program celebrates 11th anniversary

Frank Wu, chairman of the Committee of 100 speaking at the Committee of 100 LSP 11th anniversary Photo: Tina/

Thirty-two Chinese students were awarded the leadership scholarship by the Committee of 100, a non-governmental organization of outstanding Chinese Americans dedicated to the spirit of excellence and achievement in America, in Beijing Saturday.
Coming from 16 “985” universities, or key national universities across China including Peking University, Qinghua University as well as some local universities, the scholarship winners were selected based on their aptitude for leadership, commitment to public service as well as record of academic excellence.
The award amount has been raised from 10,000 yuan (about $1475.8) per student to 15,000 yuan (about $2213.7) this year, which shows the value the committee places on young talents and the training of China’s next generation, said Carter Tseng, chairman of the Leadership Scholarship Program (LSP) Executive Committee, in an interview with
“You can see young Chinese people have become much more capable in communication and more confident of themselves compared with 10 years ago. This is not only because young Chinese people are working harder themselves, but also due to the rise of China’s power in the world,” said Tseng, adding that China’s young people still need to improve their innovation ability compared with their peers in the US.
The Committee of 100 LSP was established in 2005 with the goal of recognizing and fostering the leadership potential of young Chinese students. The program rewards and recognizes those students who demonstrate excellence while encouraging winners to embrace a greater global vision of success.
What the LSP will do next is what Tseng called as a “LSP 2.0” through which the program is expecting to carry out more events involving young Chinese talents and their American peers so as to enhance exchanges between the two nations’ young talents.
“By promoting exchanges between the two countries’ young people, it will not only help the Chinese young people improve their performance in international field, but also provide opportunities for young people from both countries to learn from and understand each other,” he said.
Held annually, the LSP Award Ceremony also offers two panel discussions on topics of leadership and entrepreneurship, and China-US relationship.
Established in 1990, the Committee of 100 has more than 150 members coming from different professions including arts, business, academia, public service, and scientific fields.
The Committee provides leadership and acts as a constructive force in its dual mission including “promoting the full participation of all Chinese Americans in American society and acting as a public policy resource for the Chinese-American community; and also promoting constructive dialogue and relationships between the peoples and leaders of the United States and China,” said Frank Wu, chairman of the Committee of 100.

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