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Chinese netizens’ reaction to Trump’s first China visit as president
The US President Donald Trump arrived in Beijing on Wednesday on his first state visit to China as president on Wednesday, with North Korea and trade issues high on his agenda. To show its warm welcome, which is part of what China has called a “state-visit plus”, Beijing arranged 300 school children waving American and Chinese flags to greet Trump at the airport, Peking Opera performance and a grand tour of the Forbidden City on his first day in the country. 
But on China’s online community, while netizens share their views on all the arrangements Beijing has done to welcome Trump, many more are wondering one thing: how will he tweet in China where both Twitter and Facebook are blocked? And if he tweets, what would be the first one?
President Trump has been very popular among Chinese netizens since his election, not only because of his outspoken personality, but also due to his frequent use of Twitter in expressing his opinions on big issues, which is also a big difference from Chinese President Xi Jinping who only posted once in which he wished soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army happy new year and encouraged them to “make new and greater contributions to the realization of the Chinese dream.”
Under the topic of “what are the things that a US president visiting China wants to do most?” on Sina Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, while some users suggest Trump to have some traditional food or visit some popular places, some also suggest that he should get a working VPN, virtual private network, which many in China use to bypass the Firewall and access Twitter and Facebook.
“Just give him a VPN, because he may want to tweet,” said Youtoucaijiaoshou on Weibo. 
“What would be Trump’s first tweet in China? Will it be remarks about the tour at the Forbidden City? It has become the biggest suspense among Trump’s fans and media,” said Weitianxia. 
At about 10:30pm (Beijing time), Trump posted his first tweet from China, in which he said the afternoon and evening at the Forbidden City in Beijing were “unforgettable” and “looking forward to rejoining” President Xi and Madame Peng Liyuan tomorrow. 
But prior to his first tweet which came roughly 10 hours after his last tweet in South Korea, some joked that the reason why Trump hadn’t tweeted for so long would probably be that he failed to get a VPN.
“Trump has been in Beijing for more than one hour, and so far he hasn’t tweeted once. Probably that’s because he didn’t have a VPN.” A screenshot was circulated on WeChat, a Tencent-owned messaging platform.
Later Wednesday night, Trump tweeted again saying that he was “looking forward to a full day of meetings with President Xi” and his delegation tomorrow, and thanked for the “beautiful welcome China” which he and Melania “will never forget.”
Trump also changed the cover of his Twitter page into the photo of him, Melania, Xi and Peng with the Peking Opera performers at the Forbidden City.
Beyond that a hashtag named “Trump has come” was created on Weibo Wednesday by CCTV’s official Weibo account, which has been read for more than 79.7 million times with over 27,000 comments as of Wednesday night (Beijing time). 
“China-US relationship is just like one between a husband and a wife, which are bound together for both good and ill. Even if there is a little quarrel, they will finally get along well with each other,” said Mimangmangmangmangmi
In a street interview conducted by CCTV, China’s state broadcast, Beijing citizens were asked about their suggestions to Trump as to what to eat and where to go in Beijing as well as whether they know who he is.
All the citizens interviewed said they know who Trump is and suggested him to visit some Chinese famous historic sites like Forbidden City and The Great Wall. 
“If he comes to Beijing, the first thing I suggest him to eat will be Jian Bing Guo Zi, (a kind of thin pancake with fried crispy cracker, eggs and special sauces wrapped in it, which is one of the most famous traditional Chinese street food),” a jian bing vendor said in the video clip. 
“I will definitely suggest him to eat something that the United States does not have,” another said. 
Screenshot of the street interview by CCTV,China Central Television
There are also comments from those who have been following Trump closely since the presidential campaign last year. 
A user called Qilv said half-jokingly that if (s)he were Trump, (s)he would visit Sichuan Province before leaving the country as Chinese netizens joked a lot about Trump’s transliterated Chinese name, Chuan Pu, which refers to Sichuan locals’ way of speaking mandarin, during the presidential campaign last year. 
President Trump will stay in Beijing from 8 to 10 November, after which he will head to Vietnam and the Philippines. While the centerpiece of his visit to China will be Thursday’s meeting with President Xi at the Great Hall of the People, he is also expected to join other informal events which could include a tour to the Great Hall, according to Chinese media. 

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