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Chinese nannies becoming more popular in US


More and more Chinese women are choosing to work as nannies in the US. Some of them found the work while visiting their children and decided to stay. According to China Business News, nannies working in rich families are earning more than some white-collar workers in Wall Street.

Anna from Hunan province has been working as a nanny for more than 10 years. All her employers like her because she speaks fluent English and does things attentively. Now she is earning $100,000 per year, with medical insurance and paid holidays.

Seth Norman Greenberg, vice president of a New York homemaking company called Pavilion Agency, said a nanny can earn $50,000–$100,000 per year, and most of their nannies earn more than $100,000. He also indicated that it is not easy to work as a high-class nanny and 80% of the applicants are refused by them. Sometimes they require applicants to have professional training in terms of psychology, children's education or teaching. Being experienced is the most important quality expected by the agency. Sometimes nannies even need to know how to maintain antique furniture.

Generally, Chinese nannies are much cheaper than American nannies because they don’t speak English and drive cars. They are currently earning $80 a day, including babysitting, cooking and cleaning. They are paid in cash.

The market for Chinese nannies is not big in New York. Not many Chinese couples ask their parents to come over to take care of babies instead of hiring a nanny. There is no limit to the age of nannies so nannies in their 60s are common.

Nanny Li, 68, has been working in the US for 10 years. She is now hired by a Chinese family. She works five days a week and the employer Wu Shan gives her a salary of $1,750 a month. The family is satisfied with her work. “Nanny Li is as good as those who earn $5,000–$6,000 a month. Sometimes she exceeds expectations,” Wu said. Some people are waiting for Nanny Li to work for them after Wu’s child starts going to kindergarten. Now, Nanny Li has bought a house back in her hometown Hebei province.

Greenberg said, “Now many rich families hire Chinese nannies because they want their children to learn Chinese. They think the ability to speak the language will make the children more competitive in the future. Things related to China are becoming more and more important now”.

(Edited by Billie Feng)

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