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Dying man seeks caregiver for ailing wife

Yu Guanghua and his wife, Ye Xiaojun, have been married for decades, and Yu looks after his bedridden wife who suffers from epilepsy and violent mood swings.

Yu had always thought that his wife would predecease him, but his recent cancer diagnosis now means that he believes he will die first – and he has been looking for someone to look after Ye after his death. He has interviewed over ten prospective caregivers, offering them a monthly sum of 2,000 yuan and all his property, but he has still not found the ideal person.

Many years ago, Yu asked a distant relative to bring up the couple′s daughter, and this daughter now lives abroad. He says he cannot ask her to return to their village to look after her mother as they had not brought her up themselves.

Yu Guanghua, left, lies in bed in hospital following his bowel cancer diagnosis. Yu aims to find someone to look after his wife, an epileptic who also suffers from violent mood swings, and is thus incapable of taking care of herself. Photos:

The residents of Yu′s village are all aware of his plight, though most of his relatives do not understand his motives, and consider the fact that he is offering money to someone to look after his wife as somehow dishonorable

Yu feeds his wife, who is an epileptic and also suffers from violent mood swings.

Yu, right, comes to see his wife at his mother-in-law′s home after receiving treatment for his bowel cancer. The mother-in-law, left, says she is worried about the sick couple′s future.

Yu employs a part-time nanny in her 60s to care for his wife, Ye. The nanny lives next door to them, and has looked after Ye for nine years, earning a wage which has increased from 700 yuan per month to 3300 yuan. A toilet especially installed for Ye is seen on the right.

Yu receives a call from a prospective caregiver for his wife. He receives about ten such enquiries a day but has not yet found the right person.

A man, left, tries to bargain for a better deal to take care of Yu′s wife

Another man, front, visits the hospital where Yu is being treated, to discuss a deal to look after Yu′s wife. The two men did not reach an agreement.

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