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Mother′s enduring love gives strength to daughter

Born in a remote village in Tonggu county, East China′s Jiangxi province, 13-year-old Feng Huan appears at first sight to be an unlucky child. Born with an egg-size tumor at the end of her spine, family elders once tried to abandon the girl due to her poor health, but her mother, Lan Aihong, managed to take her baby back. Lan named the child Huan, which means happiness, hoping her daughter would grow up to eventually lead a happy life.

The tumor brought so much pain to Huan over the years. She could barely walk or go to the toilet without help. Her parents have done everything they could to treat her disease and many kind-hearted people have also lent helping hands. Huan is now recovering after corrective surgery on her legs in Shenzhou, South China′s Guangdong province.

Lan Aihong carries daughter Feng Huan to school. Photos:

Lan helps bundle her daughter′s hair before taking her to school.

Taking Huan to school and picking her up at the end of the day is one of the most important daily chores for mother Lan. As Huan has grown her mother needs a strap to help carry her.

The 13-year-old Huan is only as tall as an average six- or seven-year-old. Her legs have become deformed as she has been unable to walk since birth. To make matters worse, the tumor continued to grow, putting pressure on one of her kidneys. Lan has taken her daughter to seek medical treatment in Shanghai .

Lan counts her money before setting of to seek medical help. The family can barely make ends meet as they have to pay for Huan′s treatment but nothing has changed Lan′s resolve to cure her daughter′s illness.

Huan cries as she feels pain. Even though the 5-kilogram tumor was eventually removed, it had destroyed some of Huan′s nerves meaning she suffers great pain if she does not go to the toilet in time.

A bottle of disinfectant and a packet of bladder catheters have been prescribed by doctors to help ease Huan’s pain.

Huan chats with classmates at school.

Huan loves attending school as she says she can learn many things.

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