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Chinese stowaways no different from Caucasian immigrants - reporter

Reporter: Zhu An  Photo: US qiaobao

“The day when the incident happened, all of the Chinese media based in New York named the stranded ship ‘黄金冒险号(Golden Venture)’; but during the course of the investigation, reporters of US-based China Press (侨报) unanimously decided to rename it ‘金色冒险号’in their later reports,” recalled Zhu An, now working with the UN, who reported about Golden Venture.

“The stowaways, who risked their lives in the undertaking, boarded the ship with a golden dream, hoping they could reach an ideal land and sail toward a rosy life. They were not just after money,” Zhu emphasized.

According to Zhu, “Nearly all English media were shocked and saddened over the tragedy, and the Chinese media carried extensive reports analyzing the root of the tragedy and seeking justice for the hapless immigrants.

“In my perspective, the stowaways are no different from the Caucasians immigrating to the US.  When they came, they drove around and exterminated American Indians. However, Chinese never inflicted any damage on other races when they came,” said Zhu, adding it is natural for people from poverty-stricken areas to move to prosperous areas. So, Zhu believes the people who disappeared in the cold sea while chasing a dream deserve our compassion. 

According to Zhu, illegal immigration should never be encouraged in any way. However, it is necessary to reform the immigration policy of the US. The country has established itself as a human rights champion. Then, if it cannot protect rights within its borders, how could it set a good example for the world? The contribution of immigrants to the American society has been proved time and again, and it should be remembered that people are risking their lives to venture into the US not just for money.

One incident remains fresh in Zhu’s memory. On October 1, 1995, Chinese Americans in New York held a parade for the first time to celebrate China’s National Day—October 1. Zhu recalled that on that day, thousands of Chinese marched on the streets of China Town to the accompaniment of gongs and drums. “I heard some people saying that in the front row of the parade many of the people holding Chinese and American national flags were just like the people who survived the Golden Venture standing. I can never forget the way they laughed and held their heads high in the sunshine,” recalled Zhu.

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