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Dreams on wheels: Two cyclists and their touring bike brand Boskey

It s all about love

Competitive price plus superb quality is a winning combination. Word began to spread and orders kept coming in. Boskey is becoming a popular choice among the cyclists both in and out of China.

Friends has been sending back photos of their journeys with Boskey from all over the world. This photo is taken in Mongolia. Photo: Courtesy of Shao Ming

“Price is probably our biggest advantage. Our bike is cheaper even with transportation expenses,” Zhao Yueming said. “We hope we could eventually have a huge overseas market as well. Yes, we are a Chinese brand. But we offer the best quality as well as the best price.”

But the cheap price brings one problem: profit. “We started out with only two people. And we did it because we love it. Plus at first many of our customers are our friends. So we are not really looking to make a profit. At least not right now,” Zhao said. “We would choose to establish a company rather than a workshop if money is what we are after. What we really want to do is to promote the culture of touring bikes.”

“More and more Chinese are getting into cycling tours, so many that there were even congestions of cyclists along the road to Tibet last year. Yet very few know about touring bikes at the moment,” Zhao said. “We want to let people know that they can significantly reduce the harmful effects long-distance cycling could have on their body, especially to the knees if they choose touring bikes rather than just a regular bike or a mountain bike which are not designed for the job. ”

With the help of their many friends, they now have distributors in 20 cities in China. Their bikes are also selling on Taobao, eBay, and through their accounts on Weibo, Wechat (ID: Boskey_Cycle) and Facebook.

They recently hired two helpers to deal with the growing demand. “We want to take it slow. But things are developing at a speed faster than we expected,” Shao Ming smiled. “We know of a Dutch brand with an annual trading volume of over 17 million euro. It was run very successfully by a team of four. We think we can manage with four people as well.”

“Believe it or not, we have had people copying our bikes now,” Zhao Yueming revealed. “I knew this is going to happen. I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon.” He takes it with a sense of humor, “I sort of felt flattered that people want to copy us. We will enhance the anti-counterfeiting features on our bikes so I don’t think the copycats are going to cause a problem.”

Dreams could be realized with Boskey. The young man in the picture was sponsored a Boskey bike in exchange for pictures and stories of his adventure. Photo: Courtesy of Shao Ming

In 2014, Boskey has sponsored three bikes to fellow cyclists to go on world trips. They plan to make more bikes with competitive prices for the benefit of those who cannot afford expensive models, such as the college students. Working with, a Chinese tourist information and service website which serves people who travel on a budget, they are going to provide touring bike rental and 24-hour emergency services to people who signed on Taiwan tours through the website.

“Taiwan is a perfect place for one to start doing cycling tours. Cycling is a great way of sightseeing and meeting new people. We love it and we hope we could bring more people to this amazing activity through our meager efforts.”

For the two Xiaomings, the only regret is they can no longer go on trips as freely as they used to. “I really miss being on the road,” Shao Ming said. “But you can’t have it all. Our bikes can now be found all over the world instead of us. We take great pride in that.”

Boskey around the world. Photo: Courtesy of Shao Ming


For more fabulous photos of Boskey around the world, please click on. Or you could visit the official website here.

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