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A young designer's dream to build her own brand

Wang Jie Photo: courtesy of Wang Jie

Dozens of hand-drawn pictures are displayed on the walls of the multi-functional hall on the fourth floor of Wangjing New World Shopping Mall (望京新世界商场) in Beijing. The drawings are created by Wang Jie (汪洁), a Chinese girl of the post-80s generation who prefers to be called Xiao Jie.

It is the first time that Wang has ever exhibited her drawings in a public space. The exhibition is themed Silly Park, which includes a series of her drawings. Her biggest dream is to incorporate her drawings and designs into various kinds of products, such as T-shirts and handicrafts, and make Silly Park a well-known brand some day.

Love for drawing

Wang was born in Beijing. Like many other Beijing girls, Wang cannot be stopped when she starts talking about her passion. Her love for drawing can be traced back to the time when she was in primary school. “I spent a lot of time watching cartoons and animations on TV and turning what I had watched into drawings. Sometimes I needed to draw something after coming back home from school before getting myself into the mood to do my homework. I was a noisy girl but I enjoyed the quietness when I was drawing,” she said.

Wang didn’t take any training courses on drawing before going to college. “I like communicating with people but I don’t like the atmosphere of a lot of people drawing together in a small classroom,” she said. Anyone can start drawing by copying from other people’s works, and Wang is no exception. She thinks she formed her own style when she was studying in the College of Art & Design of the Beijing University of Technology (北京工业大学艺术设计学院).

Wang, working with four other students, produced a two-minute stop-motion animation (定格动画) as their graduation project. She was responsible for the making of the monsters and the settings needed for the animation. “Actually, the animation was not finished because we had planned to make it four-minute long. But it still won an Excellence award at a contest held by Beijing Film Academy. Never had an unfinished project won such an award at the contest before,” she said proudly.

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