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Wang Zi: Blending beauty with career

In a bid to change the prevailing stereotype that PhDs are nerds, a team of doctoral students set up a Weibo account named People for the Ethical Treatment of PhDs (@PETD 亚洲善待博士组织) in January. Many handsome and pretty PhD boys and girls uploaded their campus life photos onto the site, which has somehow shaken the preconceived social notions about this group.

And there is one girl who couldn’t be more suited to be their ambassador.

Wang Zi (王梓), who has recently been confirmed by her PhD supervisor of being admitted to the Communication University of China, is on course to realize her dream.

No, it is neither Miss China pageant nor fashion modeling. “I dream of being a journalist,” Wang told at Peking University where she just finished her master’s degree.

“I aspire to be an anchorwoman or a newscaster. That’s why I am studying journalism for my postgraduate and will continue to pursue my dream on the new horizon,” said the gorgeous 24-year-old student.

Wang Zi is the anchorwoman for Peking University TV. Photos: Courtesy of Wang Zi

An all-conquering student

Born in Hebei province, Wang claimed herself to be an “overlord of learning” at high school when she was a meek and industrious teenager and outshined her classmates in almost every subject.

But due to her Gaokao (college entrance exam) scores, she failed to secure her major of choice and was admitted to Russian studies at Peking University.

“My first school of choice was Peking University and the second was Capital Normal University as I also want to be a teacher,” she said.

The vault from her hometown to one of China’s top universities in Beijing to compete with elite students from all over China piled unprecedented academic pressure on Wang.

“I opted for a second major in international relations, which enriched my capacity but also added to my workload. I was overwhelmed and ran fever once because I had to take 17 exams during a term,” Wang said.

Wang Zi does volunteer service for a charity fund for rural children's healthcare.

Versatile college life

The academic burden certainly did not take the gloss off her sparkling campus life that featured volunteerism, tutoring, hosting school TV and a pageant.

The huge gap in education across the nation was no news to her, yet a volunteering trip to China’s central Henan province touched her heart.

“When we went there to teach kids English in 2009, there was only one tape recorder for over 150 students. It was in a year when the obsolete equipment had been swept aside by digital devices in major cities. How unequal!” claimed an emotional Wang who also volunteered for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Apart from the soul-stirring volunteering trip, she showcased her beauty to the world at the Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant, an annual contest run by the Hong-Kong based Phoenix Satellite Television since 2003.

“I heard of it from my friend and I decided to give it a try because winners have a chance to enter Phoenix TV,” said Wang who practiced ballet and belly dance.

She emerged from over 1,000 contestants to progress to the last 34. After intense trainings and competition in Yunnan province in southwest China, she cruised through to the last 18 who were eligible to go to Paris for the finale.

To her surprise, she was bundled out of the final not by her opponents but by the organizing committee, despite the fact that all the other candidates voted for her.

“I’m regret the result. Perhaps my nature and temperament does not match their requirements. Anyway, it is an experience,” she said.

Back from the pageant, she was months away from graduation and she had to make a choice — to accept a lucrative offer from China Construction Bank or to study for a PhD.

She followed her heart. “My journalism dream rang. I prefer writing news stories to expose social pathology,” she said.

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