Xi, Obama conclude summit, agree to strengthen ties

President Barack Obama, right, walks with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands on Saturday, June 8. Although both Obama and Xi have carefully avoided accusing each other up the practice, the issue of cyberespionage hangs over the summit. Photo: AP

Chinese President Xi Jinping extended an invitation to US President Barack Obama for an official visit to China as they wrapped up their ‘constructive’ talk on June 8 in California.

Obama and Xi met the press following a two-hour private meeting which focused on cyber security and efforts to build up a new model of relationship between the two countries.

Cyber security

The US president urged "common rules of the road" to protect against hacking.

"President Xi and I recognize that, because of the incredible advances of technology, the issue of cyber security and the need for rules, and common approaches to security, have become increasingly important," Obama said.

“Cyber security has emerged as a new issue, different from military and weapon. The world’s two of the largest economic and military powers must arrive at a firm understanding of how to regulate cyberattacks and computer hacking,” said Obama.

Xi said that China, too, is a victim of such cyberattacks and he faulted the news media for leaving what he considers a misleading impression that the threat comes mostly from China. Xi pledged to resolve concerns with the United States “in a pragmatic way.”

“New technology is a double-edged sword. China is concerned to build up cooperation with US to address cyber security. I’m glad to know that a task force has been set up through China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue. The two sides should dispel suspicions and work with each other, making cyber security a new bright spot in bilateral cooperation,” Xi said.

The summit came as tensions ran high over accusations from Washington that Chinese hackers have accessed US business and military secrets, a claim China firmly denied.

US President Barack Obama (left) presents Chinese President Xi Jinping with a bench made of California redwood while they take a joint walk before heading into their second meeting, at the Annenberg Retreat, California June 8, 2013. Photo: Xinhua

Chinese dream connected to American dream

The Chinese president assured Obama that China will unwaveringly pursue a peaceful development path through reform and opening-up to achieve the Chinese dream which means rejuvenation of the great Chinese nation.

He explained to Obama that the “Chinese dream” of economic prosperity and national renewal is connected to the “American dream.”

US-China cooperation good for world peace

Xi said that China and the US should explore a new way to build a new type of great power relationship, which is different from the old one characterized by inevitable clashes between great powers, adding that the new relationship should be based on mutual respect and win-win collaboration. Xi described the China-US cooperation as the stabilizer and propeller of the world peace.

Expressing hope for further exchanges between the two countries, Xi invited Obama to officially visit China at proper time in a bid to further boost strategic economic dialogues, cultural exchanges and high-level contacts. Xi suggested extending the areas of bilateral exchanges to military affairs from the fields of trade, human resources, environment and culture. Xi also called for further coordination of the two countries’ macroeconomic policies in an effort to promote the growth of the global economy and the sustainable development of the Asia Pacific region and the world.

Building new type of great power relationship

Based on the common political will, decades-long cooperation, dialogue mechanisms between more than 90 government agencies and various exchanges at grass roots, Xi expressed strong confidence in building a new type of great power relationship, saying China and US should avoid clashes by promoting mutual trust and understanding. Relying on determination, confidence and wisdom, the two countries with great people, will definitely achieve this historic goal, Xi stated.

China’s peaceful rise is in US interest

Obama reemphasized the importance of  military exchanges Xi put forward at the presidential summit, saying that the existing military exchanges, which should become a regular mechanism, have promoted mutual understanding about the two sides’ military and political intentions. Obama also said that the summit charted the future of the US-China cooperation, which will help the two countries reach their goals of common prosperity and security cooperation rather than enhancing the possibility of conflict.

Obama also said that he believes in Xi’s pledge of China’s peaceful rise, which is in the interest of the US and the world. The US and China should cope with the global challenges under the principle of equality because there is no single nation in the world that can deal with such challenges alone, added Obama, giving climate change, which the US and China should work together to tackle, as an example, in which he appealed for joint efforts to develop green technology and conduct related academic exchanges.

In a word, Obama sees his summit with Xi as an inspiring meeting, which offers a good opportunity for both sides to promote the bilateral relations to a higher level.

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