China Press Chairman: China, US should build new type of great power relationship

Xie Yining, chairman of The China Press

In a June 4 interview with The Associated Press, Xie Yining (谢一宁), chairman of The China Press, a major Chinese newspaper based in the US, said that the Xi-Obama presidential summit highlights the two countries' willingness to build a new type of great power relationship in a responsible manner.

Pointing out a severe "trust deficit" between the US and China, Xie summarized two reasons behind the lack of mutual trust.

Firstly, the US is concerned about China's fast growing economy, which might pose a threat to its hegemony. The US, which hopes to maintain a unipolar international system, cannot accept the reality of being overtaken by a rising China.

Secondly, both the US and China have realized that the first decade of the 21st century was crucial for the development of the two countries. While the US was concentrating its money and energy on the anti-terrorism wars after the 9/11 accident, China was seizing the opportunity to develop its economy. Worse still, the US was later mired in the 2008 financial crisis. Considering the threats from China's robust development, the US announced and implemented the strategy of pivot to Asia, which fuelled tensions between China and its neighboring countries. The US also frequently conducted military drills with Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Vietnam, playing a behind-the-scenes role in tackling issues of the Diaoyu Islands, the Huangyan Island and the Korean Peninsula, which greatly matter to China. The invisible hand of the US can also be seen in China's recent territorial disputes with India.

The above reasons have led the US-China relationship to the current low point, Xie argued, adding that the relationship between the US, the biggest developed countries, and China, the biggest developing country, is of great importance to the world order. Therefore, Xie believed that the presidential meeting will bring the two countries an opportunity to reduce "trust deficit" and build a new type of great power relationship.

In fact, China's development will pose no substantial threat to the US. Although China's GDP will catch up with that of the US in 2023, the remarkable difference in per capita GDP between the two countries, which is caused by the difference in population, will weaken the superficial benefits from China's aggregate GDP, said Xie.

The US-China relationship will remain cooperative and competitive in the long run, Xie predicted, hoping that the competition should tend to be benign and the cooperation should be more sincere.

When answering the question about the summit's impact on the Chinese people living in the US, Xie said that the Xi-Obama meeting will focus on bilateral relations and security issues, but stressed that they will benefit from a more harmonious and cooperative bilateral relationship.

This article is translated by Ding Yi.

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