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I-Wan Chen: researcher and advocate for the Chinese innovators

Unlike his grandfather and father, I-wan Chen took a very different path. After graduating from the Beijing Institute of Machinery (北京机械学院), he worked for years in the field of machine building. Since 1990, he developed a strong interest in earthquake (EQ) prediction and medium/long-term weather forecasting and began his extensive research in these fields. He is a member of both the European Geophysics Society and the American Geophysics Union.

In 2002, he was appointed by the Chinese Geophysical Society (CGS) as an advisor to the Committee of Natural Hazard Prediction because of his contribution in the field. He is also advisor to the Committee of Disaster Historical Studies for China Disaster Prevention Association.

I-Wan Chen giving a lecture on his family history in Peking University on April 17, 2013. Photo:

Besides the above-mentioned fields, he also does research on socialist market economy, China's science and technology innovation, GM technology, and so on.  His primary concern in the recent times has been the reform of the Chinese science and technology innovation system for which he has done a lot of work. He believes that the innovators in China are not getting the support they should get and are getting strangled instead.

Having lived in China for over 60 years, I-Wan had gained Chinese citizenship at one time but decided to resume his British nationality after the reform and opening-up because it could enable him to do more for the country. He said his mixed race made him more of "an international person". "According to the Jewish tradition, I am also Jewish because of my mother, who used to say that 'During your life, surely you will see China develop into a strong and respected nation.'" I-Wan recalled, "My mother's wish has come true."

When asked who else in the family still lives in China, he said, “My son . ” His daughter lives in the US, about which I-Wan has mixed feelings, “Once you sent your children abroad, it is almost like you have lost them. Everything about them changes.” But “I am a Chinese,” I-Wan said determinedly.

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