Delegate proposes longer Spring Festival holiday

“The Spring Festival holiday is a time for family reunions, but most people find it is too short,” said Fu Qiping, a NPC delegate and Party secretary of Tengtou village, Fenghua city, Zhejiang province, who proposed at the annual meeting of parliament to extend the current 7-day holiday for Spring Festival to 10 days.
Although the Chinese people get seven consecutive days off for the most important holiday in China, employees need to work extra days, normally on the weekends, to compensate for the four days included in the one-week-long holiday. So, people actually only get three days off for the Spring Festival. And for those who work and live in other cities and not their own hometowns, the journey to and fro would take a couple of days.
The caring deputy listed three disadvantages with the short Spring Festival vacation: first, it puts considerable pressure on the rail network which is required  to handle hundreds of millions of passengers during the biggest travel rush in China; second, whatever the central government requires, many local officials still consider the Lantern Festival as the end of the new year festival and so they would not work before that day; and third, consumption could hardly be stimulated during a short holiday.

Tsinghua professor disagrees

“After three decades’ blistering economic growth, it should be right for us to slow down and give the Nature a rest to recover and the people a time for literary pleasures and quality time with families,” Hou Lv, a CPPCC member and vice chair of the Anhui Chinese Dramatists Association, expressed approval for the proposal on extending the Spring Festival holiday.
However, Cai Jiming, a delegate and professor of Tsinghua University, disagreed, saying that  the seven-day holiday is long enough, as a longer holiday may affect social and economical activities in a negative way. “We are no longer living in a farming society and industrial countries have strict and systematic production procedures which should not be delayed. And now we are a globalizing country which could not be alienated from the international community. If the Spring Festival is too long, international communications may be disrupted,” said Cai.
A high support rating of 89.69% from the public
Till 10 pm yesterday evening, data from indicated 89.69% of Internet users being surveyed supported the proposal by Fu Qiping.
@广东省汕尾市网友:For Chinese people, even if the distance is quite far or even if they could not afford the transport cost, they would go back home for the Spring Festival. Some of them even spend all of the seven days on the road. So, I think the holiday should definitely be extended, although enterprises, especially private companies, may have adverse effects of long holidays. So, I guess the most serious opponents would be private company bosses.
@草根博览: So many people advocate for extension of the Spring Festival holiday. It is generally hoped more humane and flexible arrangements could be made (by the government).
@腾讯网友☆荆玉夷人☆:The two-day weekend should be cancelled, especially for public servants. And long holidays should be provided for all of the four seasons, like winter’s Spring Festival, spring’s Tomb-sweeping day, summer’s Chinese Valentine's Day, and Autumn’s National Day.

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