Yang Jiechi: Hacker attack accusation against China is made-up

March 9, as Beijing is swept by the reported “level 8” wind which drives away the PM2.5 but brings a sandstorm, Yang Jiechi, minister of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a press conference at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing in which he answered questions on China’s foreign policy and diplomatic affairs.

Yang Jiechi takes questions from journalists at his sixth NPC press conference as China's Foreign Affairs Minister. Photo: sino-us.com

Yang was asked by China Daily on the western media’s accusation of Chinese hackers attacking their cyberspace with the government and military as the backstage driving force. Yang said this piece of news, though eye-catching, is on shaky grounds. He said that when it comes to cyber security, China belongs to the vulnerable group and is a major victim of hacker attacks. The Chinese government has promulgated laws strictly prohibiting such attacks.

"What is black is black and what is white is white. To make up and piece together news for political purposes cannot smear others and clear oneself." Yang said. "All countries are inter-connected in the cyber space. What is needed is not war, but rules and cooperation. We are against turning cyber space into another battleground and use it as a tool to interfere with other country's internal affairs."

Yang added that China has been promoting to build a peaceful, safe, open, and cooperative cyberspace and has put forward suggestions to formulate international rules to protect cyber security within the United Nation's framework.

To answer Reuter's question on Sino-US relation, Yang expressed China's hope to cooperate with the US to forge a "new type of relationship between major countries", which he said is based on mutual respect, aims for mutual benefits and is achieved through cooperation. The two countries, after forty years of diplomatic relationship, should transcend ideological differences, cast away outdated concepts and take concrete measures to take care of each other's core interest and major concerns. Yang said the US should especially handle sensitive issues such as Taiwan properly.

The Asia-Pacific region is where China and the US shares most common interests and interact most frequently. China welcomes the US to make constructive contributions in this region while respecting China's interest and concerns, said Yang. He also stressed that the Asia-Pacific affairs should be dealt with through discussions and dialogues among the countries in the region.

The two nations should seek common ground and shelve differences so that together, we could build an unprecedented new-type of relationship that will inspire the generations to come, Yang concluded.

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