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5 forgotten Shanghai street foods

In discussions on street foods in Shanghai, xiaolongbao, xiaolongxia, and fried dumplings crop up the most. Slightly less discussed are grilled skewers, stinky tofu, sweet potatoes, potstickers, fried noodles, and others which may not even be Shanghainese per se, but have become so embedded in the city's food fabric they might as well be. And if you really want to show that you're street-food-wise, you might mention rou jia mo, niurou baozi, or gui hua lian'ou. Then there are foods that fly completely under the radar, the ones you reach past to nab one of the aforementioned eats at street stalls. They might be talked about, just not talked about enough, which is why today we're biting into the five most overlooked street foods in Shanghai.


5. Large meat skewers ( 大烤串 , dà kǎo chuàn).



Forget the mystery meat on sticks, real men eat meat off swords. Well, flat metal skewers actually, but standing over a roaring fire and ripping into a dripping animal haunch spitted on one of these babies does make you want to raze a village to the ground and sow their fields with salt Genghis Khan-style. These Flinstones-sized street meals hail from Xinjiang and you can find lamb, whole chickens, and whole squabs speared on metal prongs at the Friday muslim market on Changde Lu. If Friday's too far away, there are a couple good stands open everyday at the west entrance to Shanghai University right off Jufengyuan Road. After you cross the bridge leaving the school, make your first right onto that narrow alley with covered tables on one side and hawkers wokking up fried noodles, rice, and other eats on the other. The kebab vendors are two or three stalls down. Chicken legs go for around 5RMB a piece, duck legs for 6RMB, and lamb for 35RMB per jin, so order your meats of choice, sit on a bench and get lost in the meat fest. Yeah it's kind've far but there are enough street foods and a whole two-story complex of cheap local restaurants next door to make it worth the trip. Kebab stand - Alleyway off Jufengyuan Lu, near Huifeng Lu ( 聚丰园路 , 近汇丰路 ). Closest metro stop: Shanghai University ( 上海大学 ) Line 7.


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