Salzburg Folk Song Choir Concert


Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Concert Hall


Dates: Aug. 07, 2013


Duration: approximate 120 mins (intermission included)


Price: VIP/150/100/50 RMB




Burgi Votterl


Burgi Votterl took over Salzburg Folk Song Choir from her father Prof. Harald Dengg in 2001. Over the past 13 years, the choir has undergone significant progress and developed into one of the best folk song choirs. Currently, Burgi Votterl and Salzburg Folk Song Choir have made its name in the choir community by virtue of the unique performance and the excellent interpretation on songs. Apart from the annual Salzburg Advent Concert held in the local festival arts performance hall, the choir holds a variety of concerts, makes countless CDs and radio broadcasts, and participates in many international choir competitions. All of these have proved the extraordinary competence of Burgi Votterl. 


Dedicated to singing, choir management, and music work, Burgi Votterl attaches great importance to the singers' vocal training and the continuous development of their music career. She managed to achieve this goal thanks to two competent assistants, Fara Prader (vocal training) and Hildegard Stofferin (vocal training and tutoring).


Burgi Votterl studied in the Mozarteum University of Salzburg, receiving a bachelor's degree in instrumental education in 1997 and the Master's degree in music education in 2005. After graduation, she got the chance to teach violin, string band, choir, and other courses in a local music school and college of arts. Apart from teaching, she also worked as a violinist and a trombonist in many orchestras and assisted Salzburg Symphony Orchestra in organizing the Salzburg Music Festival. As the head of the Salzburg Youth String Band, she was always willing to offer young musicians the opportunities to perform in large orchestras.




Salzburg Folk Song Choir


The Salzburg Folk Song Choir was established in 1950 by Prof. Sepp Dengg and is being managed by Berta Wagner. Its music director is Burgi Votterl. The Choir participates in the Salzburg Advent Concert annually held in the local festival arts performance hall. 


The Choir also focuses on traditional folk songs and choir yodels including the beautiful choral works of ancient and modern times. The Choir has made various CDs and radio recordings, presenting a wide variety of choral works. Apart from the Salzburg Advent Concert, the Choir is also known for its choir concerts, masses, passions and Ave Marias. The Choir has around 50 singers in spring and grows to around 70 in autumn for the Salzburg Advent Concert.


Winning many awards in various choir competitions and participating in many choir festivals at home and abroad show the professionalism of the amateur singers of the choir. It won two silver medals in the Graz Choir Olympics in 2008 and the Outstanding Achievement Award in the Austrian Cantata Choir Competition in 2012.

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