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The fury of Xi Jinping


The following article is translated from the blog article of Ma Weidu, a cultural celebrity in China.

Before New Year’s celebration, Xi Jinping, China’s president-in-waiting, drove over 300km with fewer attendants to Fuping, a state-designated poor county hidden in the deep recess of Taihang mountains. Out in the cold and treading on the remnant snow, Xi visited some local villagers’ homes. In his words, he needs to see the “real poverty” of China.

Although three decades of reform and opening-up has brought China wealth and prosperity, the big country with vast landscape still has one tenth of population living below the poverty line. The specific figure is 128 million, according to the 2012 Strategic Report for Sustainable Development in China issued by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The harsh fact is undoubtedly worrying for China’s leaders.

What kind of lives are the poor peasant families leading? With the visit of China’s top leader, we get to learn about the long-hidden facts.

In truth, for all these years, the central government has allotted quite a sum for poverty-relief funds and the State Council has also set up a Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development.  While, even Xi has no idea how much of the money was actually spent on poverty relief, not to say the common public like us.

So, during this field survey in North China’s Hebei province, Xi said, “I’m totally unsatisfied with, and even mad at, the situation. The embezzlement of poverty-relief funds is a crime and must be stopped, fought against, investigated and people responsible should be punished.”
This is an emotional remark, real and powerful. For the past over one month, we have witnessed the determination of the new leadership. Anti-corruption is the first priority for the new year. In the past years, the “smelly odor” of corruption has spread to every corner of the society, frustrating positive energy and handicapped social justice.

When Xi, general-secretary of the CPC, finally shouted out “I’m totally unsatisfied and quite angry,” I predict the remark will top the hot phrases of the year.





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