Xi Jinping's speech embraced by Weibo users

People watch a screen showing newly-elected General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping speaking during a news conference, at Beijing's Wangfujing Street, November 15, 2012. Photo: Reuters

Xi Jinping officially took the helm of the Communist Party of China as its general secretary on the morning of November 15 2012, exactly as anticipated.

After a long wait, which "delayed lunch for the entire country", as per some Weibo fan, Xi Jinping led the newly elected members of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau to meet the reporters at the Great Hall of the People where he gave a short speech.

Short, but good. The routine speech given by new party leaders at their first press conference has generally been filled with empty talk and hollow slogans. This time, however, it feels different. And the Chinese were quick to react to the new and embracing style as well as the heartfelt and seemingly genuine words.

Sina’s official Weibo “Breaking News” posted a quote from Mr. Xi’s speech, which generated a wave of positive responses from its followers.

The quote is as follows: Our people love life and yearn for better education, stable jobs, more satisfactory income, greater social security, improved medical and health care, more comfortable living  conditions, and a more beautiful environment. We want our children to grow up well, and have better jobs and more fulfilling lives. The people’s desire for a better life is what we shall fight for.

Here are some of the responses from the Weibo users:

@ Shenma_michelle: Hope you can do what we want.

@ Liu Li—Qinzi magazine: These are exactly what we hope for.

@ Qu Tong: The speech was given in such a natural and cordial way. It’s a good beginning.

@ Little Bird Zhao who can’t fly high: (I) choose to believe~

@ Busy and happy: Sincerely hoping for change and new opportunities.

@ Confused little swallow: Hit all the points.

@ Liu Demei: China is entering a new era. I look forward to a future of hope.

@ Liao Baojun: Remember what you said and do what you promised. Love the people and people will love you.

@ Defei small word: It’s like a whiff of spring breeze.

@ Sohu focus WIWO RongLvhui: Look forward to a beautiful China.

@ Luchy-Secondround: I have to support him just for these words!

@ Miss_T mideer: People are watching. Hope this new leadership continues to wow us!

@ Legend watch with smile: This is honest talk!

@ Mr. Yuan Jianping: We look to you for the next ten years, General Secretary Xi.

@ madding025: Talked the talk. Next step is to walk the walk.

@ I’m not a scarecrow: These words are indeed pleasant to hear!

@ Luxiao Wang Xiaolu: I seem to smell something brand new. I hope the future is good.

@ Tea barrel chatong: It’s not empty talk. Very good.

@ mobile user1953960595: Come on China!

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