Grassroots ideas about true common prosperity and social justice

The 18th National Congress of the CPC decides common prosperity, social justice and equality as its relentless pursuit. The move taken by our ruling party no doubt has inspired extensive expectations from the general public.

“Let the rich second-generation or priviledged second-generation be gone with the wind. Now we kids from the grassroots families are also promised a bright future,” some weibo post enthusiastically commented.

The CPC party has vowed to exert institutional forces to pave all citizens a road to success—if you work hard, you could make a difference; if you create, you may succeed. Yes, that’s it—our government plan to grant every individual in the country a “Chinese Dream”. Then, how would weibo, China’s twitter, react to the well-meaning new policy? Let’s dive in and get the other side of the coin.

@No.1 financial daily: According to the 18th National Congress report, the principles of fair rights, fair opportunities and fair rules constitute the main contents of the to-be-established social justice system. When most people could really deem the above-law privileges as something shameful, and when unrestricted powers find no way to overwhelm, we could finally say that we realize social justice.

@hot wind: All of us are responsible for the future of our country. In a sound society, it’s not healthy for the government to feel everything promising while at the same time, the general public feels the opposite. The huge divergence between government report and grassroots talk is not something we could just overlook. We must listen to what the public say, and thus to save them from deep-rooted despair and frustrations. 

@xinhua view: Our country’s migrant population hit 230 million last year. With the average age of the underprivileged group only reaching 28, the new generation migrant worker born in the 1980s occupies half of the populace. An earnest recognition by the big cities in which they fight to earn a living means justice and equality in real sense.

@upstream W-Z: For common people in their everyday lives, ideology or western democracy represent nothing but approaches for the common goal they aim at—social justice and equality.

@Qin Shuo: Looking back the road of pursuing efficiency, equality and justice in China, it’s not hard to see the major concern about the problem has upgraded from the initial material elements, like income distribution to all parts of social life. Covering economic, political and social affairs, the pursuit has evolved into some kind of a basic value, which indicates all right directions for social reforms in diversified fields. 

@thorn in snow: In my view, what we really need is not narrowing the gap but social justice and equality. It should be ok for us to make good money without breaking any laws. The government should guarantee its people an arena on which free competition is the No.1 rule.

@light of the earth: Justice, equality, and the quality of life are more important indicators than GDP.

@Luo Zhiyuan: An important consensus should be made in today’s China, and that is standing up to abuse of powers and privileges for seeking social justice.

@The obscure tractor: Justice and equality, more valuable things than sunshine, may be just what’s missing at the bottom hearts of those government officers. 

@Zhang Guoxian: Interest groups are super powerful. In order for their privileges to carry on, they make those who dare to stand up for justice and equality their foes. 

@the best Ruan Xiaojun: A country’s fate could not be decided by any individual stepping into leader’s office or not. What China really need is reform, reform and reform. We need to establish more transparent systems to safeguard social justice. If our ruling party only does rhetorical performance to manipulate its people, they definitely would not end well.



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