The biggest Health Insurance umbrella in the world?

Senior official's claim of 95% coverage of the Chinese National Health Insurance system provoked many angry responses on Weibo. Photo:

In the group interview on November 12 2012, Zhu Zhixin, Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission said that China’s basic health insurance has reached over 95% of the population, making it the largest Health insurance network in the world. Today, a weibo post by Finance and Economics commented on his remark, “However, many common Chinese, especially those on the grass-root level, cannot particularly feel its benefit.”

Apparently Zhu’s remark touched people’s nerves and many responded to’s post which provided a perfect platform for venting. Even those who can enjoy the basic medical care are not satisfied with its below-par quality and off-the-chart price, let alone the 5% who are not even covered. Their anger and frustration are tangible in their posts.

@ Sunshine hunter Beijing: For the ordinary people, this big umbrella is as thin as paper, easily broken by wind and rain.

@  2 till the positive infinity: My grandma worked her entire life for CPC. And her health insurance is only 100 yuan a year!

@ Z Expecting change: This country has so many shameless people!

@ cardxi: Lie through teeth, that’s the Chinese characteristic.

@ shepherd-TIM: Breaking an egg in the Pacific Ocean and claim we prepared egg soup for the whole world.

@ caesarfree: All the worlds’ pigs are laughing.

@ fengyun investment research institute: Bragging is no good. What is really urgent is to make it easier and cheaper for people to see a doctor.

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