Chinese deputy police chief suspended after detaining teacher who punished his daughter

He reveals her horrible experience on a WeChat group Photo: Weibo

A deputy police chief, identified only as Zhao, in Zhuzhou County, central China’s Hunan Province, has been suspended from duty after he detained a female primary school teacher, surnamed He, who had punished his daughter.

Media reports had it that a group of police officers arrived at Yuhong Primary School at 8am on Tuesday and took the teacher to the police station. She was eventually released at 3pm.

He ordered Zhao’s daughter to stand on the wall for a few minutes as a punishment for being late for school the day before.

After hearing the news, Zhao was angry and decided to retaliate the teacher by arresting her.

“I really don’t know what I did wrong?” He wrote in a WeChat group after she was released. “Who gave the police station’s deputy police chief such powers, detaining a citizen without any reasons?”

She described it as a “horrible experience”, saying that she was directly put in an interrogation room after being taken to the police station and no one even gave her water to drink or anything to eat.

“I was being monitored all through the process,” He continued. “I have been having nightmares and welling up tears after returning home. I work diligently to teach students. Why was I treated in this way?”

He’s mistreatment captured widespread attention following media reports, and many netizens took to Weibo, China’s Twitter-like service, accused Zhao of abuse of power. Local Communist Party’s disciplinary watchdog has started an investigation.

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