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Amazing Dog Expo amazes with charity spirit

Dog lovers in Beijing indulged in a funfest during the weekend (September 14 to 15) at the Amazing Dog of China: China (Beijing) International Pet Expo. The two-day event not only featured professional dog show hosted by the Chinese National General Kennel Club (NGKC), but also a slew of fun competitions for pet dogs - Amazing Dog of China (@狗狗向前冲) and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) China (@爱犬好市民) - both hosted by Beijing Infopet Science and Culture Development Co. Ltd. (北京宠讯科技文化发展有限公司), the organizer of the Expo.

The third China (Beijing) International Pet Expo was held at the China World Trade International Conference Center at Crab Island Retreat Village in Beijing. Photo:

Charity was a big feature of this year’s Pet Expo. About 700 tickets were donated to various animal rescue organizations in Beijing for charity sale and two sales booths were provided to three animal rescue groups for free. On the opening day of the Expo, Ta Foundation @它基金, the first private foundation for animal protection in mainland China, brought 10 rescued dogs for adoption, one of which was successfully adopted. On the second day, its star therapy dog Nila also graced the Expo. Ta Foundation also gave an open class about its acclaimed therapy dog program on the second day of the Expo.

Volunteers from the Beijing Institute of Technology (北京理工大学) who work for the animal rescue group @良乡王叔叔王宗元家流浪动物 introduce to visitors their rescue work and the help they need. "We have about nine people who are interested in adopting our animals and left us their contact information." the young man told Photo:

Nana, a rescued dog from @良乡王叔叔王宗元家流浪动物 took part in the Amazing Dog of China competition. Bai Hua (白桦), her owner and an animal rescuer, told that they were invited to take part by the organizer of the Expo who provided the stall to them for free. Photo:

Another animal rescue group @天佑流殇 brought with them three dogs looking for new homes. This is a rescue group located in downtown Beijing. "We have more cats at our shelter than dogs," the girl told us, "it is difficult to keep a large number of dogs in downtown Beijing due to the regulations. They desperately need a home." Photo:

@它想有个家 is an animal rescue group dedicated to rescuing dogs from Qiliqu (The Beijing Police Canine Quarantine and Inspection Division). The brown poodle "Niuniu" in the cage has a handicap in her right hind leg. The group managed to collect about 600 yuan donation for her surgery in two days. The two dogs in the cage at the right are for adoption. Photo:

Amazing Dog of China, a family dog competition that started in 2008, attracted most attention with its five competitions: 25-meter sprint, 25-meter hurdles, high jump, long jump and weight pulling. There was no entry fee for the competition and many dog owners entered their dogs even though they have never had any training. “I just want to have some fun with my dog and let him learn something too,” a woman holding her toy poodle said. When asked how her dog did, she laughed, “Oh we are all winners!”


An official surnamed Liu from Beijing Infopet Science and Culture Development Co. Ltd told that the competition was registered in 2008 and officially started a year ago. It has since been staged in Beijing, Wuhan and Guangzhou. "It is a competition that adopted the events of the American Kennel Club (AKC) and localized them for China. One of the main goals of this family-oriented competition is to encourage dog owners to learn to cooperate with their dogs and have some fun at the same time."


The Canine Good Citizen’s competition was also well-attended. The CGC program originally came from the American Kennel Club (AKC) which started in 1989 and is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. In 2008, NGKC, which is AKC’s only associated organization in China, started introducing the program to China together with Beijing Infopet Science and Culture Development Co. Ltd. The program officially started in China on June 1, 2013 and has organized several events in Beijing and Chongqing.


The NGKC dog show was somehow outshined by other competitions at the Expo. In a separate stadium, NCKC also hosted a competition for dog groomers with participants who passed the exam getting a certificate from the International Judges Association (IJA) for Pet Grooming and the Chinese Animal Husbandry Association.

Only DNA-registered dogs could take part in the competition. Photo:

It is a feast for the eye for dog lovers. Dogs of all breeds and looks gathered at the Expo. 

The black Labrador (top left ) was a big star at the Expo not only because of its handsome looks, but also because of its harness that says, "Don't eat me." Photo:



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