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Kindergarten child abuse photos trigger public outrage





Yesterday morning, in southeast China’s Zhejiang province, a kindergarten teacher surnamed Yan did something shocking just to amuse herself. In the activity room of the kindergarten she works in, she lifted a little boy up about 20cm in the air by pinching the ears. While the little kid bursted into a rage of tears for the pain and fear, the woman just seemed amused and she laughed. Yan also had the horrible ‘performance’ videotaped by one of her co-workers.


Later, when Yan chatted casually with a net friend with whom she has never met, for showing off, she passed him a screen capture of the video. Luckily, as soon as the man saw the photo, he called the local education bureau and transferred the later-notorious photo through weibo


The local police immediately identified the abuser in the photo as Yan Yanhong, 20, a teacher for the Blue Peacock Kindergarten of Wenling city. In the afternoon of the day, Yan received an interview in that kindergarten. Still wearing the same panther print overcoat in the photo, and looking so scared, that she was even a little bit shaken. Yan confessed that she was doing it just for fun.  


This is not any independent case. In fact, in the past one decade, the same kind of heart-broken news pop out all the times, and people are learning to get used to it. After all, you can’t cry every day.


@Wenling Chenhangyu: if the teacher could be called a human being, then I would rather not to be one. Does she have any conciseness left? I’m just wondering: wouldn’t you have your own children in the future? The news is totally heartbroken and the relevant departments should look into the whole thing thoroughly to accommodate the infuriated public.


@Weibo new things: in the Yan-surnamed teacher’s weibo Myspace, the netizens found a series of child-abuse photos shot in the kindergarten she works in: the one with a child’s mouth sealed by tapes, the one with a child demanded to kneel down with head bending to the ground…..all the photos are titled “You deserve it.”


@Tongchangshui: as a teacher, to educate is your responsibility but to abuse, it is certainly not your privilege.


Just several days ago, a video leaked out on the internet in which a five-year old little girl got slapped in the face dozens of times in a couple of minutes just because she could not do 10+ math.


And just a few months ago, a violent teacher, caught in some kind of sudden rage, lifted up a four-year old autistic girl by two feet and threw her over head with the girl’s head hardly landing on the cement floor. The kid immediately lost consciousness, and after kicking her little body with no response, the teacher then called ambulance. Now, the child is right-sided paralyzed.


According to statistics, every day, about 540 children died of physical abuse in the world. China, which features a transforming society, has witnessed a rise in the toll. And except for the physical harm, there are also mental hurts that could be inflicted on a young heart, like isolation, indifference, and suppression.


“An education deprived of love is like a pond drained off water. A pit without water could hardly be called a pond, and a teaching without love barely amount to education,” said Xia Mianzhou, the Chinese translator of the Education of Love, a world-famous classic by Italian writer Edumondo De Amicis.        


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