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Chinese courier: Spiderman with iron arms

“Brother Courier” (快递哥) is increasingly becoming a commendatory title for the Chinese couriers after two heroic acts last month where the couriers saved a young girl and an old woman from falling to their deaths with their bare hands.

June 22, in Ningbo, Zhejiang province (浙江省宁波市), eight couriers saved a two-year-old who fell from the fifth-floor window with their bare arms, winning a huge round of applause from across China.

Freeze frames from the security camera video which recorded the entire incident. Photo:

The company the couriers worked for, SF Express (顺丰快递), located right cross the street from the apartment building where the little girl was heard crying. Li Shunhui (李顺辉), who was the first to react to the cry, called out to his co-workers to watch the girl while he went upstairs trying to think of a way to save her.

Just as Li turned to go into the building, one of the girl’s shoes fell off. Li abandoned his original plan and together with seven others, they stood tightly together in a circle with their arms stretched out waiting to catch the girl. A few seconds later, the girl fell right onto their arms. The impact injured one courier’s arm and another’s neck. The girl, though fell to the ground from her saviors' arms upon the impact, was not injured in any way except being a little shaken up.

The two men who got injured were Lou Guobing (娄国兵) and Yang Wenqiu (杨文求). “We need to be fast as a courier. And when it comes to something like this, we need to be even faster.” Lou said. “We would do it once more should that happen again. But I hope it won’t. I hope all the children could be safe and sound.”

Five days later, in Harbin, Heilongjiang province (黑龙江省哈尔滨市), another courier, Zhu Yuancai (朱元财), saved a 93-year-old woman who was hanging from the balcony of her her third-floor home. The woman, who suffered from cerebellar atrophy, was barely hanging on with only one hand on the railing.

Zhu Yuancai was only passing by when it happened. With the agility on a par with the Spiderman, He quickly climbed up the building, approached the balcony and then climbed inside the window and got the old woman inside. “I didn’t think too much.” Zhu said in an interview with China Central Television, “I was just worried. So I left my bag with a stranger and I climbed up.” He said lightly.

Freeze frame of China Central Televion's news report on the heroic act. Photo:

“This is super positive energy” (正能量, positive energy, is a hot Chinese internet slang), many Weibo users exclaimed. “We need more of that in today's China.”

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