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Safe journey to heaven, Wu Huajing!

News of a 17-year-old girl who donated five organs after brain death seized the nation’s heart.

Doctors stood in silence in front of Wu Huajing who was dressed in the nurse's pink uniform at the request of her parents, before collecting her organs November 22 2012. The doctor in the middle is Huang Jiefu, vice-minister of Ministry of Health. Photo:

Wu Huajing, a student at Shaoguan Medical School, donated her liver, two kidneys and a pair of cornea according to her wish after confirmed brain death in Guangzhou, Guangdong province on the evening of November 22 2012. Vice-minister of the Ministry of Health of China personally collected Huajing’s organs and two hours later, operated the liver transplant on a patient.

Wu Huajing fell victim to a horrific traffic accident on her way home at midnight on November 10. The motorcycle she was riding on was hit by an Isuzu truck sending Huajing flying off the motorcycle and landing on her head. At the hospital she was diagnosed with Acute Open Craniocerebral Trauma and remained in a deep coma ever since.

Huajing’s life has been sustained by a respirator and medicines throughout her stay in the hospital. After days of failed attempts to revive her and two cardiac arrests, Huajing’s parents were told to prepare for the worst. November 22, at Genenral Hospital of PLA Guangzhou Military Area, she was finally confirmed brain dead by the neurologists.

Despite the gut-wrenching pain of losing his daughter, Huajing’s father Wu Wenrui decided to respect her daughter’s wish and donate her organs. Huajing was a student of Medical Care and wanted to become a nurse. Wu Wenrui remembered her telling him when they were watching the news about people donating organs on TV, that if the day should come, she wanted to donate her organs as well.

Wu Wenrui told the reporter, “All parents are the same, whose utmost pain and sorrow is losing their child. If I donate my child’s organs, more children’s lives could be saved and their family wouldn’t have to go through the pain we are going through.” Huajing’s mother disagreed at first, but upon hearing that this was her daughter’s wish, she nodded to her husband’s suggestion.

Huajing's mother holding a picture of her. "She was a girl who loved laughing," she said of her daughter, "please don't say goodbye to her crying." Photo:

When Wu brought their decision to the doctors, they were shocked. “Such decisions are so rare,” said Director Yu of the ICU wards at Yingde People’s Hospital where Huajing was treated before being transferred to Guangzhou for the operation. Huang Jiefu, vice-minister of the Ministry of Health and expert on hepatobiliary surgery, who happened to be in Guangzhou for a meeting, was touched by the big love of the Wu family, and decided to do the organ acquisition himself. Shortly after Huajing’s organs were collected, a matching patient for her liver was selected and Huang conducted the liver transplant operation as well.

Huajing’s name will be engraved on the Organ Donor’s Memorial Monument of the Guangzhou Red Cross Organization. And her body will be buried at the memorial cemetery at Zhengguo County of Guangzhou.

Wu Huajing’ last Weibo post, dated to November 5, has had over 13 thousand replies since November 22. People lighted virtual candles to remember this kind girl from Yingde, Guangdong, who was referred to by many as an “angel”.

@Fairyse7en : She lives on in another way. I want to do the same thing. This is a great girl!

@Astrology quotation little friend (星座语录小盆友): The angel has returned home.

@Loneliness slipping away(寂寞在流逝): So brave. Not everyone has such courage!

@Xianzhong allen_fan(宪中allen_fan): Have a safe journey to heaven! Hope such love could be passed on!

@Fairy tale visit(童话来访): Hope all her sacrifices are worthwhile. She is the most beautiful girl.

@Heshan Teshou(鹤山特首): Our thoughts are with her family!

@MonicaLing147: In China, there are not many people who have such awareness.

@Zhu Xiaoxiao 315(朱小小315): I don’t know what the procedures are with regards to body donation. I think it’s a good thing. When my day comes, I’ll do the same!

@Sunshine seashore swimming suit clan(阳光海岸泳衣部落): (We should) find Jingjing’s parents and look after them. Not only Jingjing’s life goes on, her love for her parents should go on as well!


Editor's Note: I was so touched by Wu Huajing and her family. Due to cultural and traditional influences, a lot of Chinese people are reluctant to become a donor. And the main source of organ in China is still from convicts, which is sad and against the trend, not to mention the illegal black markets! I sincerely hope it will gradually change for the better. I, for one, will seriously reconsider the whole thing after this!  

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