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National public servant test: would the intense competition worth itself?

More than 190,000 people attended a national exam that used to select public servants on Sunday in central China’s Anhui Province. Photo:

With China’s annual public servant recruitment exam just around the corner, topics like whether or not public servants feel happy about their lives or should young people take the fight, now go hot on weibo, China’s twitter. 

This year, the planned recruitment tops a new high of around 20,000, while the number of applicants is expected to reach two million. With the ratio averaging at 90∶1, the rivalry is going to be seriously intense.

Public servants are generally looked up to in China, and according to a recent investigation on the subjective wellbeing of citizens, public service officials are surveyed to enjoy the most blissful lives, supported by good job, good money and big welfare. And that may well explain the highly-soaring enthusiasm of the millions of competitors, although, these days, with the public shouting for reforming the current stagnant public service system, people may wonder how long would the beautiful life last? Yes. That’s the problem.

Now, let’s lend our ears to those colorful comments on weibo. 

@Studious Lao Zhai: these young people fighting today may end up miserably like those laid-off workers (from bankrupt state-owned companies) ten years ago—being deserted after the prime days of their lives and left with no skills to live on with.

@VeronicaQing-J: job description should be ‘whining golden bowl’, for that the privileged small group could also be defined as a besieged city into which the outsiders desire to go and out of which the insiders attempt to come.

@_Zhao Chengang: in my idea, if there is no radical change, then the public service positions are still exclusive choices for the children of public servants.

@Land Rover Hummer: if one day public service position was no longer first choice for young people, then we could say that the government reform has succeeded.

@Xu Xiaoping: the nature of government reform is to restrain powers. Only when the powers are balanced, the government could streamline itself and there would be less idle public servants.


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